Replacing PXE Boot Clients

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Normal Hardware Replacement

ThinManager Ready thin clients have ACP BIOS onboard that allow them to communicate with the ThinManager Server during the boot process. If a ThinManager Ready thin client is replaced with another model of ThinManager Ready thin client, the new terminal will tell ThinManager that the Make and Model has changed. A message will be displayed warning the user of the change. If the user accepts the change then ThinManager will change the configuration as needed to match the data in the TermCap terminal capability database.

Replacement Warning Screen During Hardware Change
Replacement Warning Screen During Hardware Change

Successful PXE Boot Hardware Replacement

PXE boot thin clients do not have any ACP BIOS embedded onboard. They can’t communicate to ThinManager to tell what make and model they are. Normally PXE boot thin clients are defined as GENERIC:PXE for the Make and Model on the Terminal Hardware page of the Terminal Configuration Wizard.

Terminal Hardware Page
Terminal Hardware Page

If you replace a PXE boot terminal configured as Generic:PXE with another PXE boot thin client the replacement will succeed and the new terminal will run as a Generic:PXE terminal.

Unsuccessful PXE Boot Hardware Replacement

If the original terminal is configured with a specific make and model, like the Arista:7824-ACP instead of Generic:PXE, you might have problems when you replace the ThinManager Ready thin clients with a common PXE boot client. The PXE boot thin client can’t tell ThinManager that it isn’t an Arista 7824 so it will load the parameters for the Arista 7824-ACP. These may work on the new thin client, or they may cause the thin client to fail to load properly.
The solution is to change the configuration of the terminal in ThinManager before making a replacement as recommended by the warning message. This normally isn’t an issue as people tend to replace hardware with the same make and model.