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V-Flex Licenses with FactoryTalk Activation

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V-Flex Licensing for FactoryTalk Activation

For instructions with pictures see the V-Flex Licensing for FactoryTalk Activation PDF

V-Flex licensing is a variable count licensing model for ThinManager. One can buy a block of licenses and use them in any quantity desired. For example, 15 V-Flex licenses can be purchased and applied as a 7-pack, 4 pack, a 3-pack, and a 1-pack.

ThinManager V-Flex licenses can be licensed using either the traditional ThinManager Licensing or the Rockwell FactoryTalk Activation Manager. This covers the FactoryTalk License Activation method.

The FactoryTalk License Activation License contains a Product License and a Serial Number. These are issued when you purchase your V-Flex license.

A redundant license requires two licenses, one for the Primary ThinManager Server and one for the Secondary ThinManager Server.

In the FactoryTalk License Activation Manager

  1. Install the FactoryTalk License Activation Manager on each ThinManager Server. It is included in the ThinManager Installer. Select the Customize button to see the option.
  2. Open the FactoryTalk License Activation Manager and select the Manage Activations tab.
  3. Select the Get New Activations and enter your Serial Number and Product Key in the fields and select Validate Activation.
  4. On the Get New Activations tab, enter the number of V-FLEX licenses to activate in the # to Download field and click the Download Activation button. The number of available licenses are shown in the Available field.
  5. From the Find Available Activations tab, click the Refresh Activations button. You should now see the V-FLEX client license listed.

In ThinManager

  1. Select Install>License Mode on the ThinManager menu bar.
  2. Select FactoryTalk License Activation on the Licensing Mode window and select OK.
  3. Select Install>Licenses on the ThinManager menu bar. This will launch the FactoryTalk License Activations window.
  4. Select the Add Activations button on the FactoryTalk License Activations window. This will launch the Add Activations to ThinManager window.
  5. Highlight the V-Flex serial number from above and select the Add Activations button to launch the Add Activations to ThinManager window.
  6. Enter the number of V-Flex licenses you want to deploy in the Enter the number of activations to add to ThinManager field and select OK.

To verify that your V-FLEX licenses are now active and assigned to ThinManager, click the ThinManager Server icon from tab toolbar, followed by selecting your ThinManager Server from the tree and then clicking the Licenses tab.