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==ThinManager 3.3==
#redirect [[Release_Notes]]
===Initial Release===
===Service Pack 1===
ThinManager / ThinServer
::1. Removed install ids for motherboards whose manufacturer did not provide unique serial numbers.
::2. Fix problem with initial program / command line options
::3. Performance improvement to resetting terminal server sessions when TermSecure user logs off
::4. Fix permission problem that prevented some commands from being sent to the terminal
::5. Fixed problem with updating some Application Group icons
::6. Added display of multimonitor configuration in the details pane of the terminal.
::7. Savage video module now ignores EDID
::8. Fixed touchscreen modules for use with multimonitor.
::9. Fixed keyboard mapping for the backslash (‘\’) key on non-standard keyboards
::10. Fixed memory leak in sliding windows
===Service Pack 2===
ThinManager / ThinServer
::1. Fix problem with manual synchronization.
::2. Fix problem with main menu hotkey and application group hotkey enable / disable
::3. Make sure “Browse” button in Report Scheduling is only available at appropriate times.
::4. Allow specification of non-existing files as the report target
::5. Added display of multimonitor configuration in the details pane of the terminal.
==ThinManager 4.0==
===Initial Release===
===Service Pack 1===
::1. Fix problem with Camera Option settings. Camera options could not be set in some cases.
::2. Fix “Copy settings from another terminal” option in the Terminal Configuration Wizard. Only copy the model from the source configuration when the target configuration is not associated with a piece of hardware.
::3. Fix support for some 4 monitor layouts.
::4. Allow setting of the application group hotkey at appropriate times.
::5. Made the “Browse” button available at appropriate times in the Report generation dialog
::1. Fix support for non-redundant licensing on synchronized systems.
::2. Fix for duplicate license detection on synchronized systems.
::3. Removed enforcement of the terminal to terminal shadow license.
::No Changes
::1. Added 1600x900 video mode for WinTMC
===Service Pack 2===
::1. Fix Display Client icon on multimonitor configuration. Did not reflect presence of overrides.
::2. Fix WinTMC options “Always maintain monitor connection” and “Show groups as separate windows”. Check box did not reflect group inheritance setting.
::3. Fix Display client icon after re-ordering of Display Clients. Icon would disappear after re-ordering.
::4. Fixed initial icons for Terminal Servers when ThinManager started. Icon did not reflect the lock or enable/disable state of the Terminal Server.
::5. Added ability to re-arrange monitors in multi-monitor configurations.
::1. Change way user SIDs are gathered and cached.
::2. Fixed application of camera options. Camera options are only applied if selected.
::3. Fix enable/disable of Terminal server on synchronized systems.
::4. Fix to CRC generation routines. Some demo codes would not be recognized as valid.
::5. Fix Synchronization problem with respect to encryption that causes synchronization to fail and re-sync.
::6. Fixed SmartSession data collection. Prevented collection of load balancing data under some circumstances.
::1. Support for Dual Monitor with one graphics adapter
::2. Stop listening on Port 6000
::3. 32bpp support for UNO-2173 and ARK-1382
::4. Allow initial program of longer than 128 characters
::1. Redundant Ethernet Module – Warning messages if backup adapter is disconnected
::1. Fix default resolution for the Axis M1011 camera.
::2. Added Advantech UNO-2173
::3. Added Advantech ARK-1382
===Service Pack 3===
::1. Update release date only
::1. Fixed problem with loading master license, that caused ThinServer to terminate on some systems.
::1. 2008 Server RDP device license fix
::2. Camera overlay start up fixes
::3. Fix to identification of the second ethernet port on UNO-2173
::1. Added support for AP-3300
::1. Added AP-3300 sound module
::2. Added pcProxUSB module to support keyboard wedge version of the pcProx USB HID scanner
::3. Change to ICA client version 8 module. Removed specific of the UDP for browser protocol
::4. Added support for new Elographics controller to the USBTouch module
===Service Pack 4===
::1. Fixed prompt in synchronization setup
::2. Fixed problem with creating tree in “show connected only” mode.
::3. Fixed validation problem that would not allow the ip address to be entered for a ThinManager server when DNS is enabled.
::1. Fixed some log messages.
::2. Changed time stamping to alleviate problems with changing the server time.
::3. Fixed removal of synchronization threads that are no longer needed.
::4. Fixed problem with “Main Monitor” setting when set to “At Mouse”
::5. Improved database integrity when switch between multi-monitor and single-monitor modes.
::1. Improved image decoding for IP cameras to allow support of more types of ip cameras
::1. Added support for Advantech 1150G
::2. Added support for Advantech 2053GL
::3. Added support for Advantech ARK-Advantech ARK-3202
::4. Added support for Nematron nPC100
::5. Added support for Nematron ePC1900
::6. Added support for Nematron ePC1700
::7. Added support for Nematron ePC1500
::8. Added support for Nematron ePC1200 9. Added support for BoxPC238D
::1. Sound module for Advantech 1150G
::2. Sound module for Advantech 2053GL
::3. Sound module for Advantech 3202
::4. Sound module for Arista BoxPC238D
::5. Sound module for Nematron Models
::6. Video2_intel4 Module – added to support Nematron hardware
::7. Universal sound module architecture.
==ThinManager 4.1==
===Initial Release===
===Service Pack 1===
::1. Better validation of workstation tree information to prevent ThinManager crash.
::2. Stop requiring ip address for vcenter when using dns.
::1. Fix termsecure “UseTerminal” settings
::2. Fix tracking of time in sync thread that would cause synchronization to momentarily fail.
::3. Fix buffer overrun in non-multicast tftp server that would cause ThinServer to crash
::4. Fixed 4.0 upgrade routines
::5. Fixed problem with mirrored license permissions
==ThinManager 5.0==
===Initial Release===
===Service Pack 1===
::1. Fix problem with setting and storing custom URL for IP Cameras.
::2. Fix terminal model information display in the terminal configuration wizard
::3. Fix initial creation of VMWare server, that left an erroneous entry in the lock table. Prevented restoring of configuration, with an error about an object being locked.
::4. Allowed periods (.) in the VM Ware server name (mostly for domains)
::1. Fixed problem with terminal server monitor threads that was locking up synchronization
::2. Fix flag that enables broadcast of “in demo mode” messages to terminals
::3. Disable check for ip configuration conflicts during terminal boot, when the PXE Server is disabled.
::4. Fixed problem that caused the DHCP Interfaces to be blank after restoring a configuration.
::5. Added XLi to the promotional license.
===Service Pack 2===
::1. Clear the video pci id for PXE clients when clearing the terminal id
::2. Fix display of camera overlay properties in configuration tab
::3. Fix reservations for dual-ethernet thin clients
::1. Fixed support for relay agents in the PXE server
::2. Fixed handling of multiple ip ranges in PXE server
::3. Fixed handling of abandoned events. Was locking up sync threads.
::4. Fixed synchronization check for tables w/o primary keys (TerminalData)
::5. Fixed problem with database callbacks when ThinManager has not been run
::6. Changed the way session information is gathered for better compatibility with Windows 2008
::1. Fix for drop-down menu
::1. Add 1600x900 mode for AP-3200 and Generic PXE LX800 based on Dell P2011H monitor
::2. Add Via VX900 support for PXE booting units
::3. Added Intel N10 and Via CN896 for PXE booting units
::4. Add Generic PXE support for Intel 965GME (8086:2a12)
::5. Add 1600x900 mode for AP-3200 and Generic PXE LX800 based on Dell P2011H monitor
::1. Touchcontrol – fix touch scaling for use w/ corevideo2 modules
::2. Usbtouch – fix for IR Touch TouchScreens
::3. Video2_chrome9 – added to support VIA VX 900 hw
::4. Video2_intel3 – Fix to properly determine the model of the thin client
==ThinManager 6.0==
===Initial Release===
New Features
::1. Firmware Packages
::ThinManager 6.0 introduces the deployment of the firmware and modules as a package. Different versions of the package can be assigned to individual modules. This allows legacy hardware to keep a version that works for it while new hardware can use newer package versions to take advantage of new features.
See Packages for details.
::2. Menu Items
::ThinManager 6.0 includes new menu items to support the use of Firmware Packages. These include Manage>Packages, Install>Firmware Packages, Install>Boot Loader, and Install>Chain Loader.
::3. Terminal Description Field
::ThinManager 6.0 adds a Description field to the Terminal Configuration so that additional info can be assigned to a terminal.  See Terminal Description for details.
::4. USB to VGA MultiMonitor Support
::ThinManager 6.0 supports a USB to VGA converter to turn single monitor thin clients into MultiMonitor thin clients. 
::5. iTMC iPad 
::ThinManager 6.0 supports the new ThinManager iPad client. This will turn an iPad into a mobile terminal complete with Display Client application deployment, MultiSession, and Failover. 
::6. Subscription Licensing
::ThinManager 6.0 introduces subscription based licensing. 
::7. Web ThinManager Access 
::Screentronix provides a secure VPN that allows you to connect to a ThinManager Server from a remote browser to aid in management. See Web Management for details.
::8. Block Mouse Button Functions
::The Mouse Configuration Module has the ability to lock down the mouse buttons, scroll buttons, and scroll wheel. See Mouse Configuration Module for details.
===Service Pack 1===
::1. Delete workstation nodes before restoring configuration
::1. Fix module installation on synced ThinServers
::2. PXE server was not correctly stopped/started after restoring configuration
::3. Fixed sync of packages that did not exist on both ThinServers
::4. Restart tftp thread after restoring configuration when necessary.
::5. Fix disable of terminal server when using DNS.
::6. Changed queuing to better accommodate DeltaV users licensing requirements
::7. Fixed installation of firmware from synchronized slave.
::1. Support for Hyper–V virtual thin clients
::2. Support for Intel e1000 network adapter
::3. Fixed Citrix published applications that have a space in the name
::4. Eliminated multiple monitors connections to ThinServer
::1. Add 1600x900 Video Mode for Unichrome
::2. Added supported for Hyper-V virtual client
::3. Added Intel 965G video adapter
::4. Added Intel Q35 video adapter
::5. Added Intel 855GM video adapter
::6. Added Intel 915G video adapter
::7. Added Intel 965Q video adapter
::1. ICA Client 12 – fixed config file generation
::2. Use alternate address – fixed config file generation
::3. Keyboard configuration – fixed support for international keyboards
::4. Soundblaster sound – new
::5. Shared keyboard mouse master – fixed under package 6 when using multimonitor
::6. USB sound – added soundblaster support

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