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==ThinManager 3.3==
#redirect [[Release_Notes]]
===Service Pack 1===
ThinManager / ThinServer
::1. Removed install ids for motherboards whose manufacturer did not provide unique serial numbers.
::2. Fix problem with initial program / command line options
::3. Performance improvement to resetting terminal server sessions when TermSecure user logs off
::4. Fix permission problem that prevented some commands from being sent to the terminal
::5. Fixed problem with updating some Application Group icons
::6. Added display of [[multimonitor]] configuration in the details pane of the terminal.
::7. Savage video module now ignores EDID
::8. Fixed touchscreen [[modules]] for use with [[multimonitor]].
::9. Fixed keyboard mapping for the backslash (‘\’) key on non-standard keyboards
::10. Fixed memory leak in sliding windows
===Service Pack 2===
ThinManager / ThinServer
::1. Fix problem with manual [[synchronization]].
::2. Fix problem with main menu hotkey and application group hotkey enable / disable
::3. Make sure “Browse” button in Report Scheduling is only available at appropriate times.
::4. Allow specification of non-existing files as the report target
::5. Added display of [[multimonitor]] configuration in the details pane of the terminal.
==ThinManager 4.0==
===Service Pack 1===
::1. Fix problem with Camera Option settings. Camera options could not be set in some cases.
::2. Fix “Copy settings from another terminal” option in the Terminal Configuration Wizard. Only copy the model from the source configuration when the target configuration is not associated with a piece of hardware.
::3. Fix support for some 4 monitor layouts.
::4. Allow setting of the application group hotkey at appropriate times.
::5. Made the “Browse” button available at appropriate times in the Report generation dialog
::1. Fix support for non-redundant licensing on synchronized systems.
::2. Fix for duplicate license detection on synchronized systems.
::3. Removed enforcement of the terminal to terminal shadow license.
::1. Added 1600x900 video mode for [[WinTMC]]
===Service Pack 2===
::1. Fix Display Client icon on [[multimonitor]] configuration. Did not reflect presence of overrides.
::2. Fix [[WinTMC]] options “Always maintain monitor connection” and “Show groups as separate windows”. Check box did not reflect group inheritance setting.
::3. Fix Display client icon after re-ordering of [[Display Clients]]. Icon would disappear after re-ordering.
::4. Fixed initial icons for Terminal Servers when ThinManager started. Icon did not reflect the lock or enable/disable state of the Terminal Server.
::5. Added ability to re-arrange monitors in multi-monitor configurations.
::1. Change way user SIDs are gathered and cached.
::2. Fixed application of camera options. Camera options are only applied if selected.
::3. Fix enable/disable of Terminal server on synchronized systems.
::4. Fix to CRC generation routines. Some [[demo codes]] would not be recognized as valid.
::5. Fix [[Synchronization]] problem with respect to encryption that causes [[synchronization]] to fail and re-sync.
::6. Fixed [[SmartSession]] data collection. Prevented collection of load balancing data under some circumstances.
::1. Support for Dual Monitor with one graphics adapter
::2. Stop listening on Port 6000
::3. 32bpp support for UNO-2173 and ARK-1382
::4. Allow initial program of longer than 128 characters
::1. Redundant Ethernet Module – Warning messages if backup adapter is disconnected
::1. Fix default resolution for the Axis M1011 camera.
::2. Added Advantech UNO-2173
::3. Added Advantech ARK-1382
===Service Pack 3===
::1. Update release date only
::1. Fixed problem with loading master license, that caused ThinServer to terminate on some systems.
::1. 2008 Server RDP device license fix
::2. Camera overlay start up fixes
::3. Fix to identification of the second ethernet port on UNO-2173
::1. Added support for AP-3300
::1. Added AP-3300 [[sound]] module
::2. Added pcProxUSB module to support keyboard wedge version of the pcProx USB HID scanner
::3. Change to ICA client version 8 module. Removed specific of the UDP for browser protocol
::4. Added support for new Elographics controller to the USBTouch module
===Service Pack 4===
::1. Fixed prompt in [[synchronization]] setup
::2. Fixed problem with creating tree in “show connected only” mode.
::3. Fixed validation problem that would not allow the ip address to be entered for a ThinManager server when DNS is enabled.
::1. Fixed some log messages.
::2. Changed time stamping to alleviate problems with changing the server time.
::3. Fixed removal of [[synchronization]] threads that are no longer needed.
::4. Fixed problem with “Main Monitor” setting when set to “At Mouse”
::5. Improved database integrity when switch between multi-monitor and single-monitor modes.
::1. Improved image decoding for [[IP cameras]] to allow support of more types of [[ip cameras]]
::1. Added support for Advantech 1150G
::2. Added support for Advantech 2053GL
::3. Added support for Advantech ARK-Advantech ARK-3202
::4. Added support for Nematron nPC100
::5. Added support for Nematron ePC1900
::6. Added support for Nematron ePC1700
::7. Added support for Nematron ePC1500
::8. Added support for Nematron ePC1200
::9. Added support for BoxPC238D
::1. [[Sound]] module for Advantech 1150G
::2. [[Sound]] module for Advantech 2053GL
::3. [[Sound]] module for Advantech 3202
::4. [[Sound]] module for Arista BoxPC238D
::5. [[Sound]] module for Nematron Models
::6. Video2_intel4 Module – added to support Nematron hardware
::7. Universal [[sound]] module architecture.
==ThinManager 4.1==
===Initial Release===
New Features
::1. 64-bit version of ThinManager and ThinServer
::2. Support for control and management of VMWare VCenter servers
===Service Pack 1===
::1. Better validation of workstation tree information to prevent ThinManager crash.
::2. Stop requiring ip address for vcenter when using dns.
::1. Fix termsecure “UseTerminal” settings
::2. Fix tracking of time in sync thread that would cause [[synchronization]] to momentarily fail.
::3. Fix buffer overrun in non-multicast tftp server that would cause ThinServer to crash
::4. Fixed 4.0 upgrade routines
::5. Fixed problem with mirrored license permissions
==ThinManager 5.0==
===Initial Release===
New Features
::1. PXE thin client support
::2. XLi licensing
===Service Pack 1===
::1. Fix problem with setting and storing custom URL for [[IP Cameras]].
::2. Fix terminal model information display in the terminal configuration wizard
::3. Fix initial creation of VMWare server, that left an erroneous entry in the lock table. Prevented restoring of configuration, with an error about an object being locked.
::4. Allowed periods (.) in the VM Ware server name (mostly for domains)
::1. Fixed problem with terminal server monitor threads that was locking up [[synchronization]]
::2. Fix flag that enables broadcast of “in demo mode” messages to terminals
::3. Disable check for ip configuration conflicts during terminal boot, when the PXE Server is disabled.
::4. Fixed problem that caused the DHCP Interfaces to be blank after restoring a configuration.
::5. Added XLi to the promotional license.
===Service Pack 2===
::1. Clear the video pci id for PXE clients when clearing the terminal id
::2. Fix display of camera overlay properties in configuration tab
::3. Fix reservations for dual-ethernet thin clients
::1. Fixed support for relay agents in the PXE server
::2. Fixed handling of multiple ip ranges in PXE server
::3. Fixed handling of abandoned events. Was locking up sync threads.
::4. Fixed [[synchronization]] check for tables w/o primary keys (TerminalData)
::5. Fixed problem with database callbacks when ThinManager has not been run
::6. Changed the way session information is gathered for better compatibility with Windows 2008
::1. Fix for drop-down menu
::1. Add 1600x900 mode for AP-3200 and Generic PXE LX800 based on Dell P2011H monitor
::2. Add Via VX900 support for PXE booting units
::3. Added Intel N10 and Via CN896 for PXE booting units
::4. Add Generic PXE support for Intel 965GME (8086:2a12)
::5. Add 1600x900 mode for AP-3200 and Generic PXE LX800 based on Dell P2011H monitor
::1. Touchcontrol – fix touch scaling for use w/ corevideo2 [[modules]]
::2. Usbtouch – fix for IR Touch TouchScreens
::3. Video2_chrome9 – added to support VIA VX 900 hw
::4. Video2_intel3 – Fix to properly determine the model of the thin client
==ThinManager 6.0==
===Initial Release===
{| {{table}}
| align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Component'''
| align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Build'''
| ThinManager||6001
| ThinServer||6001
New Features
::1. Firmware [[Packages]]
::2. Chain Loader for ThinManager Ready thin clients
::3. Terminal Description Field
::4. USB to VGA [[MultiMonitor]] Support
::5. [[iTMC]] for the Apple iPad 
::6. Subscription Licensing
::7. Web ThinManager Access 
::8. Block Mouse Button Functions
===Service Pack 1===
{| {{table}}
| align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Component'''
| align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Build'''
| ThinManager||6002
| ThinServer||6004
::1. Delete workstation nodes before restoring configuration
::1. Fix [[module installation]] on synced ThinServers
::2. PXE server was not correctly stopped/started after restoring configuration
::3. Fixed sync of [[packages]] that did not exist on both ThinServers
::4. Restart tftp thread after restoring configuration when necessary.
::5. Fix disable of terminal server when using DNS.
::6. Changed queuing to better accommodate DeltaV users licensing requirements
::7. Fixed installation of firmware from synchronized slave.
::1. Support for Hyper–V virtual thin clients
::2. Support for Intel e1000 network adapter
::3. Fixed Citrix published applications that have a space in the name
::4. Eliminated multiple monitors connections to ThinServer
::1. Add 1600x900 Video Mode for Unichrome
::2. Added supported for Hyper-V virtual client
::3. Added Intel 965G video adapter
::4. Added Intel Q35 video adapter
::5. Added Intel 855GM video adapter
::6. Added Intel 915G video adapter
::7. Added Intel 965Q video adapter
::1. ICA Client 12 – fixed config file generation
::2. Use alternate address – fixed config file generation
::3. Keyboard configuration – fixed support for international keyboards
::4. Soundblaster [[sound]] – new
::5. Shared keyboard mouse master – fixed under package 6 when using [[multimonitor]]
::6. USB [[sound]] – added soundblaster support
===Service Pack 2===
{| {{table}}
| align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Component'''
| align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Build'''
| ThinManager||6003
| ThinServer||6006
::1. Clear second mac from database when clearing terminal id
::2. Fix detection of feature support by model
::1. Fix to tftp thread startup/shutdown
::2. Take into account second MAC when identifying hardware in DHCP server
::3. Fixed registry entry default values
::4. Added package validation to database integrity check
::5. Fixed module parameters returned by stored procedure.
::6. Fix to cleanup of entries in database when monitor connection lost
::7. During replacement use PIC ids to determine if it is appropriate to set model back to Generic/PXE
Package 6.0.7
::1. RDP SSL certificate fixes.
::2. Fix date/time when using time zone redirection.
::3. Windows Server 2008 drive redirection enhancements.
::4. Fix mouse pointer when [[shadowing]] a multi-monitor thin client.
::5. Retain DNS settings provided by ThinManager, instead of DNS settings from the DHCP server.
::6. Support for EELY touch controller (USB).
::7. Performance enhancements for [[sound]] redirection.
::8. Quicker shadow initiation.
::9. PC Prox Sonar module.
::10. Fix to ICA module.
::11. Support for IR Touch Series K touch controller.
::12. Added support for COM5 and COM6 on Arista BoxPCx40
In order to access COM5 add the Add Serial Port Module to the terminal configuration and configure the module settings as follows:<br>
::SerialPort 5
::Port 0x3e0
::IRQ to 11
In order to access Com6 add the Add Serial Port Module to the terminal configuration and configure the module settings as follows:<br>
::SerialPort 6
::Port 0x2e0
::IRQ to 0
::1. Added support for Intel Clarkdale
::2. Added support for Intel
::3. Added support for Intel Arrandale
===Service Pack 3===
{| {{table}}
| align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Component'''
| align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Build'''
| ThinManager||6005
| ThinServer||6009
New Feature
::1. [[MultiStation]]: [[MultiStation]] offers the ability to have up to 5 independent users work on one client at the same time. Lower costs and increase your network efficiency by using [[MultiStation]], the newest offering for the ThinManager Platform.
::1. Enhanced Package Management (copy, rename, delete).
::2. Enhanced module/firmware install by allowing package selection.
::3. Package Backup/Restore.
::4. Allow a package to be locked.
::5. Enhanced tree view for [[MultiMonitor]] and [[MultiStation]] thin clients.
::6. Ability to shadow an individual screen/station from ThinManager.
::7. Ability to shadow an individual screen/station from a Terminal-to-Terminal shadow display client.
::8. Better redrawing of UI during terminal shadow.
::9. Setting to allow terminal replacement only with same model.
::1. New permission setting for package creation/modification.
Package 6
::1. Firmware was modified to support multi-station
::1. 1600×900 Video Mode for Unichrome.
===Service Pack 4===
{| {{table}}
| align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Component'''
| align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Build'''
| ThinManager||6006
| ThinServer||6010
::1. Fix navigation for TermSecure user when adding a workstation display client
::2. Change dialog title in terminal configuration wizard when not using [[display clients]].
::3. Fix status icon of [[modules]] in the terminal configuration wizard
::1. Fix package 5 install
::2. Upgrade standard [[packages]] (not custom [[packages]]) during service pack install
::3. Make sure module name is displayed even if module does not exist in the selected package
::4. Fix to TFTP implementation. Don’t send first packet before ACK received from terminal.
Package 6 (package version 6.0.11)
::1. Firmware 6.0.16
::2. Fix for Intel E100 network adapters
::3. Better implementation of calibration activated by long touch
::4. Fixes to [[terminal to terminal shadowing]] of [[WinTMC]] and [[iTMC]] clients
TermCap 6.0.15
::1. Added Arecont cameras
::2. Added Radeon support
::3. Added additional Savage 4 support
::4. Allow selection of COM [[ports]] 1-8 for touchscreens on a Generic PXE client
::5. Added AP3400

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