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Demo Codes

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What is a Demo Code?

A Demo Code is a special 30 day code available for free from ACP that will provide full functionality for ThinManager. The purpose of a Demo Code is to provide an evaluation period so you can see the features and benefits of the fully array of ThinManager features.

Demo Code Procedure

  1. Install ThinManager
  2. Go to Install>Licenses to open the Licensing window.
  3. The Installation ID is in the field at the bottom. A synchronized pair of ThinManagers will show two, a Primary Installation ID and a Secondary ID.
  4. Go to and select Support>License Activation.
  5. Select Demo Code on the page.
  6. A Create Demo Code form will launch. Enter the Installation ID in the field.
  7. Complete the form. A proper e-mail address is essential because this is where the demo code will be sent.
  8. Check your e-mail after you submit the form for an e-mail with the demo code.
  9. Check your spam folder if the demo code isn't there. The code is sent within a few seconds.
  10. Once you have the Demo Code go back to the Licensing window opened by selecting Install>Licenses on the ThinManager menu bar.
  11. If you have an old Demo Code select the Delete Demo Code button.
  12. Select the Install Demo Code button at the bottom and enter the new Demo Code in the field on the Install Demo Code window.

Requesting a Demo Code

A Demo Code may be requested from the Demo Code Website. In order to receive a Demo Code, you must populate all the available fields.

Note: The Secondary Installation ID will only be used when you are setting up a Mirrored or Redundant System.

Upon submission, a 30 day Demo Code will be emailed to the email address provided to the website.
You must provide an Installation ID for the Demo Code to be generated. This may be found in ThinManager by going to:

Installing a Demo Code

After receiving the Demo Code from ACP, the Demo Code may be installed in ThinManager by going to:

Then copy/pasting the code from your email into the empty field.