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Firmware Packages

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Package is our name for a version of firmware and the modules that belong to it.
In the past we've made sure all of our firmware is backwards compatible so that all of our terminals in the system can run the same firmware. Any new firmware release had to run the old thin clients and the new thin clients.
Keeping all the thin clients units on the same version of firmware means that the older hardware is holding us back from taking advantage of new features and powers that the newer thin clients are capable of. To remedy this we split up our firmware into Package 5 and Package 6 in ThinManager 6. The ThinManager 5 firmware was incorporated into Package 5 while Package 6 has features to take advantage of newer hardware.

Default Package Type

Each hardware device has a default package that it is capable of running. As terminals are created they will use the highest package that they are capable of.

Package Assignment During Upgrades

Terminals configured in ThinManager 5 or earlier will be set by default to Package 5 during the upgrade to ThinManager 6 or later. You will need to manually select a later package for pre-configured, upgraded thin clients.

Managing Packages

Each make and model of ThinManager Ready thin clients thin client has a default package that that model will run. It is visible on the Terminal Hardware page of the Terminal Configuration Wizard, which can be accessed by:

  • Right Click on the Terminal > Modify > Next

This can be changed for all units of this model by using the Package Manager, which can be accessed by:

  • Manage > Packages
Package Manager

Each make and model of ThinManager Ready thin clients have a default package to use listed in the Package Manager window. It comes from the TermCap (Terminal Capability) data base.
For example, the Arista 7824-ACP uses Package 7 as the default. This can be changed to Package 5 or Package 6, if desired, for all units of that model. The Arista 5824-ACP is an older model and can only run package 5 and cannot be set to a new package as newer packages do not support that hardware.

Terminal Specific Packages

The Package Manager can be configured to allow you to change the package on individual terminals instead of for entire models of terminals. Selecting the Allow the settings of the Package in Terminal Configuration checkbox on the Package Manager window will allow you to change the package of an individual terminal. Once this setting is changed, you will be able to change the package on a per-terminal basis by:

  • Right Click on the Terminal > Modify > Next

And selecting the desired package.