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The iTMC iPad Client is used by either by an iPad or iPhone for use as a terminal with ThinManager.

System Requirements

  • iOS 5.1+.
  • All iPads, iPhone 3GS+, iPod Touch 3rd Generation+
  • ThinManager 6+ with XLi License.
  • Relevance using Bluetooth Beacons requires iPad Air. Relevance with QR Codes Requires iPad 3 or newer.

Setup and Configuration Overview

  • Download and install the iTMC application from the Apple App Store.
  • Configure the iPad as a client in ThinManager.
  • Open the iTMC application and define the ThinManager Server you will connect to.
  • Connect to the listed ThinManager Server.
  • Select the pre-configured terminal from the list of offline terminals, or select the Create New Terminal option
  • The iTMC client will connect and run.

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Setting up ThinManager

ThinManager requires a new Terminal to be setup so the iPad can receive its configuration from the ThinManager Server. This can be accomplished by:

  • From ThinManager, click Edit > Add Terminal
  • Make/OEM: Apple; Model: iPad
  • Proceed through the wizard and assign display clients to the iPad Terminal.
  • Finish out the Wizard when all desired options have been selected.

Setting up iTMC

Once iTMC is downloaded and installed on your compatible iOS device, iTMC will need to be configured to point to the correct ThinManager Server.

  • Select the plus sign in the upper right corner of the iTMC client to the open the New Configuration window.
  • Specify a Configuration Description and a Primary ThinServer IP and save your configuration.
    • A Secondary ThinServer IP may be entered to provide redundancy.
  • Tap the newly created configuration and then tap Connect.
  • Select the iPad terminal created in the previous section.

Common iTMC related issues

  • Bluetooth iBeacon's not showing up? Enable Location Services via Settings>Privacy>Location Services.

On Screen Buttons

The Window icon will tile all of your display clients.
The Keyboard icon will launch the onboard keyboard for data entry. You can also hold two fingers on the screen to launch the keyboard.


1-Finger-Tap.png Left Click -- A tap will perform a left click.
1-Finger-Hold.png Right Click -- A long-press will perform a right click.
1-Finger-Pan.png Left Click and Drag -- A pan will perform a left click and drag.
2-Finger-Hold.png Toggle Keyboard -- A 2 finger long press will hide or unhide the keyboard.
2-Finger-Pinch.png Zoom Session -- A 2 finger punch will zoom and unzoom.
2-Finger-Pan.png Pan Session -- A 2 finger pan will allow you to pan while zoomed in.
3-Finger-Hold.png Toggle Menu Bar -- A 3 finger long press will hide or unhide the top menu bar.
3-Finger-Swipe-Down.png Toggle Menu Bar -- A 3 finger swipe will also hide or unhide the top menu bar.
3-Finger-Swipe-Left.png Next Display Client -- A 3 finger swipe to the left will move you to the next display client.
3-Finger-Swipe.png Previous Display Client -- A 3 finger swipe to the right will move you to the previous display client.