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MultiMonitor Expanded Features

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The MultiMonitor Configuration process was upgraded in ThinManager 11.1 to include drag and drop and an expanded number of monitors. You should be able to add as many monitors as your thin client has video ports for.

MultiMonitor is configured in the Terminal Configuration Wizard.

For instructions with pictures see TM_11_1_MultiMonitor01.pdf

Terminal Mode Selection Page

Enable MultiMonitor by selecting the Enable MultiMonitor checkbox on the Terminal Mode Selection page of the Terminal Configuration Wizard. MultiMonitor allows multiple monitors to be attached to client hardware. The monitors can be treated as individual sessions, called “Screened” or they can be combined into a continuous desktop, called “Spanned”. Spanned monitors need to have the same resolution and form a rectangle; they cannot be offset.

Monitor Layout Page

Monitors are added on the Monitor Layout Page. The default is a pair of monitors. Use the Add button to add additional monitors. A Monitor Properties window will popup to allow you to set the resolution. Add as many monitors as you have.

Once you have the monitors added you can drag the monitor icons to their representative positions. The Reset Scale button will optimize the zoom of the window.

The Choose Layout button allows you to use the former method of picking the layout from a set of templates. This works for up to seven monitors.

Screen Layout Page

This page allows you to configure the monitors to be "Spanned", containing multiple monitors, or to make each monitor its own "screen". Each monitor or group of monitors need a letter assigned to it to designate it.

  • Select a letter in the Screen drop-down and then click on any monitor that you want assigned to the letter.
  • Select the next letter and in the Screen drop-down and then click on any monitor that you want assigned to the letter.
  • Repeat until all the monitors are assigned a letter.

Note: Monitors need the same resolution to be merged into a "Spanned" letter group.

Display Client Selection

Display Clients are assigned to the monitors on the Display Client Selection page.

There is only one window for the display clients so you have to select the screen letter from the Screen drop-down.