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(Service Pack 3- 8/14/2020)
(Service Pack 3- 8/14/2020)
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::1. Fixed return of default location to the original terminal when monitor connection lost
::1. Fixed return of default location to the original terminal when monitor connection lost
::2. Fixed 64-bit boot loader not getting sent to EBC client types, RFC Errata 4578
::2. Fixed 64-bit boot loader not getting sent to EBC client types, RFC Errata 4578
::3. Fixed monitor thread exiting before all reference are removed
::3. Fixed monitor thread exiting before all references are removed
===Service Pack 2 - 1/31/2020===
===Service Pack 2 - 1/31/2020===

Revision as of 12:15, 17 August 2020



ThinManager 11.2

Service Pack 1 - 6/10/2020

Component Build
ThinManager 11201
ThinServer 11081
TermCap 9.0.34
Package 9.1 11.2.0-9.1
Package 9.0 11.2.0-9.0
Package 8.2 11.2.0-8.2
Package 5 5.0.5


1. Fixed application hang when configuring terminal shadow Display Clients
2. Fixed Relevance User wizard potentially not showing the last two configuration pages


1. Improved FTA license error handling
2. Fixed FTA license usage after synchronization


1. Fixed TMMaster.lic and FTALicense.txt not being copied to ProgramData during an upgrade

Initial Release - 5/29/2020

Component Build
ThinManager 11200
ThinServer 11080
TermCap 9.0.34
Package 9.1 11.2.0-9.1
Package 9.0 11.2.0-9.0
Package 8.2 11.2.0-8.2
Package 5 5.0.5


1. Added support for portrait monitor layout for supported hardware
2. Added TLS to security type negotiation for terminal shadow and VNC connections
3. Added graphical free-form configuration of virtual screens and camera overlays
4. Added event notification for license events
5. Added check for DNS support being enabled when using RD Gateway
6. Fixed potential crash when active ThinManaer server is removed


1. Updated configuration database to use AES encryption
2. Updated firmware package, boot loaders, and databases location to program data
3. Fixed handling of default location when monitor connection lost on terminal currently logged in to location
4. Fixed module support check for aTMC, iTMC and WinTMC terminals
5. Fixed incorrect generation of camera url when no port is specified

ThinManager 11.1

Service Pack 3- 8/14/2020

Component Build
ThinManager 11103
ThinServer 11055
TermCap 9.0.37
Package 9.0 11.1.7-9.0
Package 8.2 11.1.7-8.2
Package 5 5.0.5


1. Improved terminal to terminal shadow wizard to limit the selection of screens to appropriate screens
2. Fixed ThinManager crash when you remove the active ThinManager server.
3. Fixed "maintain aspect ratio" item display on RDS Display Client config tab
4. Fixed unicode issue when adding Relevance resolvers


1. Removed FactoryTalk Activation as a dependency
1. Fixed return of default location to the original terminal when monitor connection lost
2. Fixed 64-bit boot loader not getting sent to EBC client types, RFC Errata 4578
3. Fixed monitor thread exiting before all references are removed

Service Pack 2 - 1/31/2020

Component Build
ThinManager 11102
ThinServer 11052
TermCap 9.0.34
Package 9.0 11.1.4-9.0
Package 8.2 11.1.4-8.2
Package 5 5.0.5


1. Fixed screen summary on the terminal configuration tab
2. Fixed event log tab display
3. Fixed editing of scheduled events


1. Fixed CSV report output file being truncated
2. Fixed crash when using multiple Bluetooth beacons in the same location
3. Fixed VNC server upgrade defaulting to ThinManager VNC instead of standard VNC

Service Pack 1 - 9/25/2019

Component Build
ThinManager 11101
ThinServer 11051
TermCap 9.0.33
Package 9.0 11.1.1-9.0
Package 8.2 11.1.1-8.2
Package 5 5.0.5


1. Improved resolver data entry validation
2. Improved handling of no selection of FTA license
3. Fixed tiling options not being shown or saved
4. Fixed boot priority setting for terminal groups
5. Fixed access to prompt for pin setting
6. Fixed access to authorization cache settings
7. Fixed access to instant failover hotkey settings with virtual screens
8. Fixed not being able to override username settings for workstation display clients
9. Fixed incorrect icon being used for workstation display clients with a configuration override
10. Removed refresh rate setting for WinTMC terminals for MultiMonitor configurations


1. Added TERMINAL_IPADDRESS and TERMINAL_MACADDRESS ThinManager environment variables
2. Added support for redundant FTA licenses (.SEC)
3. Fixed crash when trying to use FTA licensing when FTA is not installed
4. Fixed camera overlay being sent with terminal configuration after it has been removed from the display client
5. Fixed DHCP lease time and terminal usage being updated on slave ThinManager server
6. Fixed deadlock with terminal server groups that could cause updates to stop being sent to ThinManager

Initial Release - 7/15/2019

Component Build
ThinManager 11100
ThinServer 11050
TermCap 9.0.30
Package 9.0 11.1.0-9.0
Package 8.2 11.1.0-8.2
Package 5 5.0.5


1. Added free-form MultiMonitor layout to the terminal configuration wizard
2. Added support for ThinManager VNC servers
3. Added prepend and append keys to Barcode Configuration Module
4. Added show feedback option for pin pad entry
5. Added optional pin complexity requirements
6. Added FTA license usage display
7. Added delay until Relevance User present setting for Display Clients
8. Improved validation of selected Display Clients
9. Improved user interface performance for very large configurations
10. Improved video mode selection for aTMC


1. Fixed crash when service is stopped before it is fully initialized.
2. Improved event logging performance

ThinManager 11.0

Service Pack 4 - 6/18/2019

Component Build
ThinManager 11005
ThinServer 11005
TermCap 9.0.30
Package 8.2 8.2.3
Package 8.1 8.1.13
Package 5 5.0.5


1. Fixed PXE server state not being updated during failover
2. Fixed PXE server offer not including next server in proxy mode without associated range

Service Pack 3 - 6/12/2019

Component Build
ThinManager 11004
ThinServer 11004
TermCap 9.0.30
Package 8.2 8.2.3
Package 8.1 8.1.13
Package 5 5.0.5


1. Improved handling of AD user not being found
2. Fixed editing resolver data
3. Removed context menu from Display Client tree items


1. Fixed deleting associated overlays when deleting a Display Client
2. Fixed synchronization check for EFI boot loaders
3. Fixed SmartSession message formatting to terminal for WinTMC

Service Pack 2 - 4/15/2019

Component Build
ThinManager 11003
ThinServer 11003
TermCap 9.0.29
Package 8.2 8.2.2
Package 8.1 8.1.12
Package 5 5.0.5


1. Improved startup speed for large configurations
2. Improved validation when moving a display client to a new group
3. Fixed several 4 and 5 monitor layouts


1. Improved FTA license handling after restoring a configuration database
2. Fixed copying display clients containing overlays
3. Fixed check for whether a firmware package supports virtual screens
4. Fixed disabling Relevance user would log off all users
5. Fixed "allow interactive shadow" user setting not being sent to the terminal

Service Pack 1 - 2/11/2019

Component Build
ThinManager 11002
ThinServer 11002
TermCap 9.0.25
Package 8.2 8.2.0
Package 8.1 8.1.11
Package 5 5.0.5
1. New - Firmware Package 8.2 - Added native support for French, French (Swiss), German, German (Swiss), Russian, and Spanish.


1. Improved Gold Master license handling
2. Improved screen validation messaging when there are no valid screen layouts available
3. Fixed card scan for unknown Relevance User
4. Fixed saving screen settings for 6 and 7 monitor layouts


1. Fixed IP Camera overlay issue where the overlay would be removed from the Terminal Configuration
2. Fixed connection status for WinTMC terminals
3. Fixed terminal-to-terminal shadowing for iTMC
4. Fixed crash related to SmartSession when under high load on extremely large installations
5. Fixed Display Client overrides when the Display Client is attached to a Relevance User

Initial Release - 12/21/2018

Component Build
ThinManager 11000
ThinServer 11000
TermCap 9.0.25
Package 8.1 8.1.11
Package 5 5.0.5
1. New - UEFI boot loader
2. New - FactoryTalk Activation licensing option
3. New - Single SE Client license per terminal
4. New - Display Client display names
5. New - Generic USB badge reader module
6. New - Seven monitor configurations


1. Added Display Client groups
2. Added event log tab for Display Clients
3. Added PXE Server with local DHCP server option
4. Added option to disable ARP IP Address verification in DHCP server
5. Added option to set max password age for Relevance Users
6. Added scheduled task tab to ThinManager servers
7. Improved touchscreen module to add touch-based navigation options
8. Improved monitor layout validation


1. Improved DHCP server to better handle large amounts of simultaneous requests
2. Updated DHCP to work with redundant DHCP helpers, simultaneous requests from a single client
3. Fixed load balancing when using remote desktop server groups
4. Fixed Relevance User not being logged out on second card scan

ThinManager 10.0

Service Pack 2 - 11/30/2018

Component Build
ThinManager 10003
ThinServer 10004
Package 8 8.1.10


1. Added more user friendly messaging when attempting to delete objects that are in use
2. Disabled copying of Active Directory linked users
3. Disabled renaming of Active Directory linked users
4. Fixed tree status for virtual screens


1. Added option to use SAM account instead of UPN for Active Directory linked users
1. Fixed tftp option handling in firewall compatible tftp mode.
2. Fixed synchronization of custom variables
3. Fixed synchronization of systems where databases have been upgraded differently
4. Fixed timestamp handling for demo licenses and demo codes
5. Fixed handling of some configuration overrides
6. Fixed WiFi resolver handling to be case insensitive

Service Pack 1 - 3/1/2018

Component Build
ThinManager 10001
ThinServer 10001
Package 8 8.1.7


1. Fixed being unable to connected to secondary server for viewing when using mirrored licensing
2. Fixed VNC display server name validation to prevent erroneous 'duplicate name' warning
3. Fixed RDP display server ip address validation when using server groups
4. Fixed overrides not being included when copying terminal
5. Fixed access to authorization cache settings
6. Fixed saving updated password after re-synchronization from user configuration wizard
7. Fixed validation of RDP load balancing settings


1. Fixed deletion of custom variables when parent terminal, user, or location is deleted
2. Fixed application of user-based environment variables when using an override
3. Fixed issue preventing a user from updating an invalid AD password from the terminal at login

Initial Release - 12/18/2017

Component Build
ThinManager 10000
ThinServer 10000
TermCap 9.0.15
Package 8 8.1.6
Package 7 7.1.7
Package 6 6.0.16
Package 5 5.0.5
1. New - Relevance User PIN pad login
2. New - AD syncronization for trusted domains
3. New - power on (WOL) to multiple subnets
4. New - read/write custom variables
5. New - six monitor configurations


1. Added additional three monitor configuration
2. Added video resolution override on a display client attached to a Relevance User
3. Improved PXE configuration wizard IP Address range validation
4. Improved ThinManager startup behavior when user is not allowed to connect to ThinManager
5. Improved terminal server connection by collecting user information before attempting to connect
6. Improved node name validation
7. Updated overlays to not allow duplicate names
8. Fixed OACK message length if file requested via tftp is not ready
9. Fixed creation and move of a terminal server before finishing wizard
10. Fixed terminal server list in priority dialog showing duplicated servers
11. Fixed package manager dialog to ensure package is not installed if canceled
12. Fixed ribbon bar causing crash on high DPI systems
13. Fixed ThinManager synchronization dialog when more than two ThinManager servers
14. Fixed display of primary/secondary installation IDs being swapped on secondary server


1. Updated power on (WOL) to also send to secondary MAC address
2. Fixed complexity requirement for short auto-generated passwords
3. Fixed small resource leak in terminal server data collection
4. Fixed error handling and crash for systems using firewall compatible TFTP

ThinManager 9.0

Service Pack 4 - 8/15/2017

Component Build
ThinManager 9008
ThinServer 9011
Package 7 7.1.7
Package 8 8.1.4
TermCap 9.0.10


1. Added single swap feature for Virtual Screens
2. Fixed tree display when Display Clients are moved from one virtual screen to another
3. Fixed wizard navigation when selecting screen directly from terminal tree


1. Improved tree node name validation
2. Improved reconnection behavior for VCenter servers
3. Fixed copying objects leaving the item locked in the the database
4. Fixed deleting location that left entries in the Relevance resolvers table
5. Fixed "ignore gateway if local" setting for an RD gateway server not being honored

Service Pack 3 - 1/18/2017

Component Build
ThinManager 9007
ThinServer 9010
Package 8 8.1.2
TermCap 9.0.5


1. Removed password requirement for stored AD passwords. Allows password to be stored by the end user entering it at the terminal instead of the administrator in ThinManager
2. Fixed error when deleting the last ThinServer security group
3. Fixed ThinManager crash for terminal configurations that contained a workstation display client before a connected VNC display client
4. Fixed camera display server wizard not updating the camera URL after changing the camera protocol
5. Fixed buffering from sending messages to the terminal that would result in a blank message
6. Fixed shadow not changing when switching from one MultiMonitor terminal to another on the same screen
7. Fixed screen specific mouse button mapping for physical screens


1. Added ability to store AD password without supplying it in ThinManager
2. Updated event log messages for synchronization events
3. Updated diagnostic logging for SmartSession events
4. Update to allow Promotional license to be considered redundant for disk-on-chip clients
5. Fixed starting/stopping of the TFTP thread on a synchronized system that could prevent being able to bind to the TFTP port
6. Fixed Active Directory synchronization issue that could cause ThinServer to not synchronize passwords
7. Fixed screen specific mouse button mapping for physical screens
8. Fixed copy terminal dialog where names that contain invalid characters
9. Fixed issue with switching to camera by name from TermMon ActiveX when using camera groups
10. Fixed issue with video modes still being filtered after copying a terminal

Firmware Package 8

1. Added ability to have more than on mouse and keyboard on each station when using MultiStation
2. Fixed issue with screen being cut off when using very high resolutions

Service Pack 2 - 8/29/2016

Component Build
ThinManager 9006
ThinServer 9008
Package 8 8.0.4


1. Added Relevance User account authorization caching.
2. Added terminal boot priority for terminal groups.
3. Added NLA support in connect tab for remote desktop servers.
4. Added dialog to show effective ThinManager permissions for current or specified user.
5. Added option to disable device sleep for mobile clients.
6. Added summary tab for terminal groups.
7. Added Open Source Licenses notification dialog.
8. Fixed crash caused by invalid camera configuration.
9. Fixed duplication of values in fingerprint reader support dialog.
10. Fixed terminal server tree connection status reporting for configurations not using display clients.
11. Fixed issue with reordering display clients in MultiMonitor configurations.
12. Fixed average uptime calculation.
13. Fixed SMTP server port not being stored properly.
14. Fixed issue with UI freezing when leaving the terminal shadow tab.
15. Fixed minor UI issues.


1. Added additional logging.
2. Added last attempt to send pending emails when the service is stopped.
3. Added DONTFRAGMENT flag to TFTP packets.
4. Reduced the frequency with which a user could be prompted for credentials.
5. Changed AD integration to skip accounts with no GUID.
6. Fixed usage of SMTP port.
7. Fixed issue with automatically generated passwords.

Service Pack 1 - 6/9/2016

Component Build
ThinManager 9004
ThinServer 9004
Package 8 8.0.1


1. Added setting of terminal overrides for a display client on a virtual screen when editing from the terminals tree.
2. Improved performance in updating tree after database changes.
3. Fixed crash when all ThinManager servers are removed from ThinManager.
4. Fixed issue with Active Directory account conversion.
5. Fixed module filtering by model.
6. Fixed workstation display client configuration wizard when using virtual screens.
7. Fixed users tree when using virtual screens.
8. Fixed Display Client wizard for ICA connections.
9. Fixed Active Directory Manage Accounts dialog when connected to slave ThinServer.
10. Removed setting of the refresh rate on video modes for Android clients.


1. Fixed automatic synchronization when using DNS.
2. Fixed upgrade of ThinManager server list.
3. Fixed issue with package filtering.

Firmware Package

1. Added support for sound over HDMI for AMD Radeon graphics.
2. Updated Infra-T touchscreen driver to support 19" screens.
3. Fixed crash when clicking on an empty virtual screen.
4. Fixed moving camera display clients between virtual screens after selecting fullscreen.


1. Fixed issue with firmware packages not be selected to install by default on certain systems.

Initial Release - 4/25/2016

Component Build
ThinManager 9003
ThinServer 9003
TermCap 9.0.0
Package 8 8.0.0
1. New - Virtual Screens
2. New - VNC Display Server / VNC Display Client
3. New - Relevance User Login using Bluetooth Beacons
4. New - Session Scaling
5. New - SMS Messaging
6. New - Mouse Button Mapping
7. New - Grouping of Terminal Servers
8. New - USB Cameras
9. New - Firewall Compatible TFTP


1. Added support for authenticated SMTP servers for event messages
2. Added support for terminal specific ThinManager server list for synchronized systems.
3. Improved performance when using Biometric Integration

TermCap / Firmware Package

1. Added support for Intel Skylake processors
2. Added support for additional Intel and Nvidia graphics adapters
3. Added support for multiple onboard graphics ports in MultiMonitor configurations.
4. Added support for extended function keys (F13-F24)
5. Improved tiling performance

ThinManager 8.1

Note: Upgrading to ThinManager 8.1 from ThinManager 8.0 will NOT require the license to be reactivated.

Service Pack 3 - 3/28/2017

Component Build
ThinManager 8057
ThinServer 8059


1. Fixed issue with Enable Relevance Location Services group setting checkbox value not being set when re-entering group configuration wizard.


1. Added support for switching to camera by name with the TermMon ActiveX when using a camera group.
2. Improved reconnecting to VMWare servers after connection loss.
3. Fixed starting/stopping of the TFTP thread on a synchronized system that could prevent being able to bind to the TFTP port.

Service Pack 2 - 6/9/2016

Component Build
ThinManager 8056
ThinServer 8058


1. Fixed crash when all ThinManager servers are removed from ThinManager.
2. Fixed issue with Active Directory account conversion.
3. Fixed manage accounts dialog when run from slave ThinManager server.


1. Fixed issue with custom variables.
2. Fixed issue with terminal commands not being cleared when monitor connection is lost.
3. Fixed location login from slave ThinManager server.
4. Fixed how alternate video modes are chosen for PXE clients.
5. Fixed module filtering for terminal groups.

Service Pack 1 - 3/29/2016

Component Build
ThinManager 8054
ThinServer 8056


1. Fixed workstation configuration for display clients on users and/or locations.


1. Fixed problem with updating Active Directory passwords on synchronized systems.
2. Fixed issue with database synchronization check.
3. Fixed Custom Variables for more than one variable when initially sent to the terminal.
4. Fixed issue with resolver registration on synchronized systems.
5. Fixed AD query to search for AD users.

Initial Release - 1/19/2016

Component Build
ThinManager 8053
ThinServer 8054
TermCap 8.1.0
Package 7 7.1.5
1. New - Custom Variables - Add user-defined variables to terminals, users, and locations that are accessible through the TermMon ActiveX Control and as environment variables for Display Client application paths.
2. New - Bluetooth Module - Use a bluetooth adapter plugged into a terminal as a bluetooth beacon for Relevance.


1. Updated Active Directory synchronization method to improve synchronization time in extremely large domains.

TermCap / Firmware Package

1. Added support for the Digital Persona U.are.U 5160 fingerprint reader.
2. Fixed issue where clients with an Intel graphics chipset could incorrectly draw small sections of the display.

ThinManager 8.0

Service Pack 3 - 9/11/2015

Component Build
ThinManager 8003
ThinServer 8003
TermCap 8.0.4
Package 7 7.1.4


1. Added registry entry to disable unique location login requirement.
2. Added/Fixed sorting within terminal server users, sessions, and processes tabs.
3. Disabled replacement authentication type when replacement is disabled.


1. Added password verification / update when password is stored in ThinManager and a TermSecure user, associated with an Active Directory user, logs in.
2. Added registry entry to modify terminal server connection timeout.
3. Fixed synchronization of multiple packages.
4. Fixed updating terminal's secondary MAC address during replacement.
5. Fixed deletion of terminal / user / location when initiated from the slave ThinServer.
6. Fixed clearing event log when initiated from slave ThinServer.

Firmware Package 7.0.4

1. Added 3840x2160 support
2. Fixed encryption setup in Citrix Receiver configuration.

Note: Sessions running a resolution of 3840x2160 are limited to Windows Server 2012 and newer due to session size limitations of older Windows Server versions.

Service Pack 2 - 8/24/2015

Component Build
ThinManager 8002
ThinServer 8002
TermCap 8.0.2
Package 7 7.1.3


1. Added support for CSV reports.
2. Added logon time for users tab.
3. Added backup capability for biometric database.
4. Fixed Terminal Configuration Wizard flow for mobile clients.
5. Fixed displaying extra columns on users tab.
6. Fixed column sorting for users, sessions, and processes tabs.
7. Fixed workstation connection state display.
8. Fixed checking of credentials in Terminal Server Wizard for systems not using AD synchronization.


1. Added support for CSV reports.
2. Fixed scheduled terminal session resets.
3. Fixed copy of Display Clients and Terminal Servers on synchronized systems.

Firmware Package

1. Added support for Network Level Authentication

Service Pack 1 - 6/26/2015

Component Build
ThinManager 8001
ThinServer 8001
TermCap 8.0.1


1. Added login time to terminal servers sessions tab.
2. Added reconnect option under application button menu.
3. Added saving state of outlook bar.
4. Changed event logging setup in ThinManager Server Wizard.
5. Fixed historical data graph for terminal servers.
6. Fixed issue where terminal would display restart required icon when not necessary.
7. Fixed DNS Configuration Wizard navigation.
8. Fixed editing of Active Directory sync objects in user tree.
9. Fixed issue related to user reports.
10. Fixed renaming items in tree that would cause the wrong item to be renamed.
11. Removed Active Directory account verification when not using Active Directory integration.


1. Added biometric database to scheduled backups.
2. Changed file extension to .html for reports with automatically generated file names.
3. Fixed physical workstation when DNS configured.
4. Fixed WinTMC protocol version compatibility.
5. Fixed synchronization of resolver usage data.
6. Fixed Active Directory integration for accounts that do not have a User Principal Name.

Initial Release - 6/1/2015

Component Build
ThinManager 8000
ThinServer 8000
TermCap 8.0.0
Package 7 7.1.1
1. New - Active Directory Integration - Automatically rotate passwords for AD accounts use in terminal, location, user and terminal server configurations. Can also synchronize AD Organizational Units or a Security Group with ThinManager to create Relevance / TermSecure users.
2. New - Digital Persona (Crossmatch) FingerPrint Reader Support - Allow using Fingerprint reader to log in Relevance / TermSecure user.

ThinManager 7.0

Service Pack 6 - 2/13/2015

Component Build
ThinManager 7010
ThinServer 7008
TermCap 7.0.12
Package 7 7.0.10


1. Fixed reconstruction of VCenter Servers tree.
2. Fixed reconstruction of Terminals tree after deletion of a Display Client or editing from a group level.
3. Fixed editing and commands on terminals (e.g. restart) initiated from the Display Client tree and Display Server tree.
4. Fixed handling of shadow password to prevent terminal from enter a state in which it could no longer be shadowed.
5. Fixed enable / disable of tiling selection to allow selection when using Relevance.
6. Fixed deletion of Demo Codes on synchronized system.
7. Fixed camera overlay config tab information display
8. Fixed renaming of Display Client from Location tree.


1. Fixed terminal configuration issue for physical workstations.
2. Fixed improper behavior when cancelling terminal replacement at the password prompt.
3. Fixed handling of shadow password to prevent terminal from enter a state in which it could no longer be shadowed.
4. Fixed handling of SmartSession server list when DNS enabled.

Service Pack 5 - 12/12/2014

Component Build
ThinManager 7007
ThinServer 7005
TermCap 7.0.10
Package 7 7.0.9


1. Fixed linked application browse button issue when the file path also contained arguments.


1. Fixed issue where shadowing from the slave ThinManager server could cause the client to no longer be able to be shadowed from ThinManager.
2. Fixed auto-synchronization sometimes failing when using server names with DNS.


1. Improved performance with cycling IP cameras.


1. Added Logic Supply ML210G-10.
2. Added additional available session resolutions for iTMC and WinTMC.

Service Pack 4 - 11/4/2014

Component Build
ThinManager 7006
ThinServer 7004
TermCap 7.0.8
Package 7 7.0.8


1. Fixed configuration tab not updating for Display Clients.
2. Fixed delete demo codes.
3. Fixed manual synchronization to prevent message boxes for module installation.
4. Fixed navigation in Terminal Configuration Wizard when using Workstation Display Clients.
5. Fixed clear event log from ThinManager server tree.
6. Fixed terminal editing and commands from Display Servers tree.
7. Fixed renaming of Display Client from Location tree.
8. Fixed application button.
9. Improved handling of terminal shadow start-up to prevent failed connection attempt.
10. Improved speed of tree searches.


1. Fixed issue detecting incorrect ThinManager server attempting to auto-synchronize.
2. Fixed generating configuration for Workstation Display Clients when using DNS.
3. Fixed generating URL for camera configuration.
4. Fixed terminal replacement not showing groups when using replace with like terminals only setting.
5. Fixed CPU utilization issue when IP Address range is full when using PXE.
6. Improved SmartSession algorithm for large number of terminals.
7. Improved TFTP transfer speed when using PXE.

Service Pack 3 - 6/13/2014

Component Build
ThinManager 7005
ThinServer 7003
TermCap 7.0.5
Package 7 7.0.5


1. Fix terminal servers “status” tab event registration. Tab was not updating automatically.
2. Fix Display Client “config” tab event registration.
3. Fix navigation in camera Display Client wizard.
4. Fix the enabled/disabled status of the Modify button in the ribbon bar when “ThinManager Servers” node is selected.
5. Modified initialization of the application button. Now starts out red.
6. Fixed problem with 64-bit ThinManager that was causing connection status to be displayed incorrectly.
7. Make sure all report selections are initialized.
8. Fix camera connection tab. Make sure IE active x control was terminated when leaving the tab.
9. Fixed terminal tree and terminal servers tree when “Show Connected Only” selected.
10. Added support for RTSP IP cameras in the camera wizard.


1. Fix location based display clients with camera overlays.
2. Allow entry in the reservation table to count as a “known client” is PXE server
3. Added support of RTSP IP cameras.


1. Added support for RTSP IP cameras


1. Added Advantech UNO-2362G
2. Added support for Intel Valleyview video chips
3. Added support for AMD Radeon E6460

Service Pack 2 - 4/18/2014

Component Build
ThinManager 7003
ThinServer 7002


1. Fix information displayed in details pane for terminal groups
2. Fix navigation in Display Client Wizard, when no Relevance license is present.
3. Fix bitmaps in ribbon bar so that they have correct transparency under Aero.
4. Enhance performance of shadowing a terminal or screen
5. Fix behavior when all ThinManager servers removed
6. Fix behavior of details panes that were docked differently from the default.


1. Fix use of demo code on a synchronized pair of ThinManager servers.
2. Fix how permissions applied to display clients when determining if display client is accessible.


1. Added Locate Pointer module (Package 7)


1. Added Arista AP3500
2. Added Intel NUC DC5342HYE

Service Pack 1 - 4/1/2014

Component Build
ThinManager 7001
ThinServer 7001
Package 7 7.0.3
Package 6 6.0.15


1. Fix problem with username/password/domain overrides for User and/or Location based Display Clients
2. Fix window title of torn-off tabs. Was not updating.
3. Fix problem with shadowing of Screens. Was not always establishing shadow connection correctly.
4. Fix window title of screen shadow tab to correctly reflect the screen name.
5. Fix resolver drop-down selection when resolver is used multiple times
6. Fix extended desktop availability to be based on number of monitor in the screen.
7. Fix update of the Terminal Server Config tab and the Terminal Server Property tab.
8. Fix navigation in Terminal Configuration wizard for iPads when using synchronized ThinServers.
9. Fix display of display clients in the location node. Tree was sorting, so user selected order was not reflected in the tree.


1. Fix problem with Backup Firmware Package that was sometimes causing ThinServer to exit
2. Fix auto-create Terminal to copy the permissions of the Default terminal


1. Update to Share Keyboard/Mouse Master module, to support non-rectangle monitor layouts when using multimonitor thinclients (Package 6 and 7)
2. TermSecure / Relevance Users – fix to visible display clients after a user logs off. (Packages 6 and 7)
3. USB Touchscreen module – support for HID compatible devices (Package 7)
4. Intel Video driver module – support for more video output types


1. Added Advantech UNO-3073G, TPC-1550-B, TPC-1750-B, TPC-2140

Initial Release - 3/10/2014

Component Build
ThinManager 7000
ThinServer 7000
Package 7 7.0.2
Package 6 6.0.14
Package 5 5.0.5
1. New - Relevance - Location based thin clients. Relevance provides mobile environments the ability to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time and place.
2. New - 2012 Session Size Limits - Support of sessions up to 8192x8192. This greatly increases the layout possibilities for high resolution monitors.
3. New - Microsoft Ribbon Theme - Updated look and the ability to tear-off tabs and organize them to the users preference.
4. New - Mouse Locator Module - The Mouse Locator Module places a large cross-hair at the mouse location to make it easier to locate on large format displays.

ThinManager 6.0

Service Pack 4 - 4/24/2013

Component Build
ThinManager 6006
ThinServer 6010


1. Fix navigation for TermSecure user when adding a workstation display client
2. Change dialog title in terminal configuration wizard when not using display clients.
3. Fix status icon of modules in the terminal configuration wizard


1. Fix package 5 install
2. Upgrade standard packages (not custom packages) during service pack install
3. Make sure module name is displayed even if module does not exist in the selected package
4. Fix to TFTP implementation. Don’t send first packet before ACK received from terminal.

Package 6 (package version 6.0.11)

1. Firmware 6.0.16
2. Fix for Intel E100 network adapters
3. Better implementation of calibration activated by long touch
4. Fixes to terminal to terminal shadowing of WinTMC and iTMC clients

TermCap 6.0.15

1. Added Arecont cameras
2. Added Radeon support
3. Added additional Savage 4 support
4. Allow selection of COM ports 1-8 for touchscreens on a Generic PXE client
5. Added AP3400

Service Pack 3 - 2/26/2013

Component Build
ThinManager 6005
ThinServer 6009

New Feature

1. MultiStation: MultiStation offers the ability to have up to 5 independent users work on one client at the same time. Lower costs and increase your network efficiency by using MultiStation, the newest offering for the ThinManager Platform.


1. Enhanced Package Management (copy, rename, delete).
2. Enhanced module/firmware install by allowing package selection.
3. Package Backup/Restore.
4. Allow a package to be locked.
5. Enhanced tree view for MultiMonitor and MultiStation thin clients.
6. Ability to shadow an individual screen/station from ThinManager.
7. Ability to shadow an individual screen/station from a Terminal-to-Terminal shadow display client.
8. Better redrawing of UI during terminal shadow.
9. Setting to allow terminal replacement only with same model.


1. New permission setting for package creation/modification.

Package 6

1. Firmware was modified to support multi-station


1. 1600×900 Video Mode for Unichrome.

Service Pack 2 - 11/5/2012

Component Build
ThinManager 6003
ThinServer 6006


1. Clear second mac from database when clearing terminal id
2. Fix detection of feature support by model


1. Fix to tftp thread startup/shutdown
2. Take into account second MAC when identifying hardware in DHCP server
3. Fixed registry entry default values
4. Added package validation to database integrity check
5. Fixed module parameters returned by stored procedure.
6. Fix to cleanup of entries in database when monitor connection lost
7. During replacement use PCI ids to determine if it is appropriate to set model back to Generic/PXE

Package 6.0.7

1. RDP SSL certificate fixes.
2. Fix date/time when using time zone redirection.
3. Windows Server 2008 drive redirection enhancements.
4. Fix mouse pointer when shadowing a multi-monitor thin client.
5. Retain DNS settings provided by ThinManager, instead of DNS settings from the DHCP server.
6. Support for EELY touch controller (USB).
7. Performance enhancements for sound redirection.
8. Quicker shadow initiation.
9. PC Prox Sonar module.
10. Fix to ICA module.
11. Support for IR Touch Series K touch controller.
12. Added support for COM5 and COM6 on Arista BoxPCx40

In order to access COM5 add the Add Serial Port Module to the terminal configuration and configure the module settings as follows:

SerialPort 5
Port 0x3e0
IRQ to 11

In order to access Com6 add the Add Serial Port Module to the terminal configuration and configure the module settings as follows:

SerialPort 6
Port 0x2e0
IRQ to 0


1. Added support for Intel Clarkdale
2. Added support for Intel
3. Added support for Intel Arrandale

Service Pack 1 - 8/1/2012

Component Build
ThinManager 6002
ThinServer 6004


1. Delete workstation nodes before restoring configuration


1. Fix module installation on synced ThinServers
2. PXE server was not correctly stopped/started after restoring configuration
3. Fixed sync of packages that did not exist on both ThinServers
4. Restart tftp thread after restoring configuration when necessary.
5. Fix disable of terminal server when using DNS.
6. Changed queuing to better accommodate DeltaV users licensing requirements
7. Fixed installation of firmware from synchronized slave.


1. Support for Hyper–V virtual thin clients
2. Support for Intel e1000 network adapter
3. Fixed Citrix published applications that have a space in the name
4. Eliminated multiple monitors connections to ThinServer


1. Add 1600x900 Video Mode for Unichrome
2. Added supported for Hyper-V virtual client
3. Added Intel 965G video adapter
4. Added Intel Q35 video adapter
5. Added Intel 855GM video adapter
6. Added Intel 915G video adapter
7. Added Intel 965Q video adapter


1. ICA Client 12 – fixed config file generation
2. Use alternate address – fixed config file generation
3. Keyboard configuration – fixed support for international keyboards
4. Soundblaster sound – new
5. Shared keyboard mouse master – fixed under package 6 when using multimonitor
6. USB sound – added soundblaster support

Initial Release - 5/14/2012

Component Build
ThinManager 6001
ThinServer 6001

New Features

1. Firmware Packages
2. Chain Loader for ThinManager Ready thin clients
3. Terminal Description Field
4. USB to VGA MultiMonitor Support
5. iTMC for the Apple iPad
6. Block Mouse Button Functions

ThinManager 5.0

Service Pack 2 - 1/11/2012


1. Clear the video pci id for PXE clients when clearing the terminal id
2. Fix display of camera overlay properties in configuration tab
3. Fix reservations for dual-ethernet thin clients


1. Fixed support for relay agents in the PXE server
2. Fixed handling of multiple ip ranges in PXE server
3. Fixed handling of abandoned events. Was locking up sync threads.
4. Fixed synchronization check for tables w/o primary keys (TerminalData)
5. Fixed problem with database callbacks when ThinManager has not been run
6. Changed the way session information is gathered for better compatibility with Windows 2008


1. Fix for drop-down menu


1. Add 1600x900 mode for AP-3200 and Generic PXE LX800 based on Dell P2011H monitor
2. Add Via VX900 support for PXE booting units
3. Added Intel N10 and Via CN896 for PXE booting units
4. Add Generic PXE support for Intel 965GME (8086:2a12)
5. Add 1600x900 mode for AP-3200 and Generic PXE LX800 based on Dell P2011H monitor


1. Touchcontrol – fix touch scaling for use w/ corevideo2 modules
2. Usbtouch – fix for IR Touch TouchScreens
3. Video2_chrome9 – added to support VIA VX 900 hw
4. Video2_intel3 – Fix to properly determine the model of the thin client

Service Pack 1 - 8/29/2011


1. Fix problem with setting and storing custom URL for IP Cameras.
2. Fix terminal model information display in the terminal configuration wizard
3. Fix initial creation of VMWare server, that left an erroneous entry in the lock table. Prevented restoring of configuration, with an error about an object being locked.
4. Allowed periods (.) in the VM Ware server name (mostly for domains)


1. Fixed problem with terminal server monitor threads that was locking up synchronization
2. Fix flag that enables broadcast of “in demo mode” messages to terminals
3. Disable check for ip configuration conflicts during terminal boot, when the PXE Server is disabled.
4. Fixed problem that caused the DHCP Interfaces to be blank after restoring a configuration.
5. Added XLi to the promotional license.

Initial Release - 7/8/2011

New Features

1. PXE thin client support
2. XLi licensing

ThinManager 4.1

Service Pack 1 - 7/13/2011


1. Better validation of workstation tree information to prevent ThinManager crash.
2. Stop requiring ip address for vcenter when using dns.


1. Fix termsecure “UseTerminal” settings
2. Fix tracking of time in sync thread that would cause synchronization to momentarily fail.
3. Fix buffer overrun in non-multicast tftp server that would cause ThinServer to crash
4. Fixed 4.0 upgrade routines
5. Fixed problem with mirrored license permissions

Initial Release - 4/19/2011

New Features

1. 64-bit version of ThinManager and ThinServer
2. Support for control and management of VMWare VCenter servers

ThinManager 4.0

Service Pack 4 - 2/28/2011


1. Fixed prompt in synchronization setup
2. Fixed problem with creating tree in “show connected only” mode.
3. Fixed validation problem that would not allow the ip address to be entered for a ThinManager server when DNS is enabled.


1. Fixed some log messages.
2. Changed time stamping to alleviate problems with changing the server time.
3. Fixed removal of synchronization threads that are no longer needed.
4. Fixed problem with “Main Monitor” setting when set to “At Mouse”
5. Improved database integrity when switch between multi-monitor and single-monitor modes.


1. Improved image decoding for IP cameras to allow support of more types of ip cameras


1. Added support for Advantech 1150G
2. Added support for Advantech 2053GL
3. Added support for Advantech ARK-Advantech ARK-3202
4. Added support for Nematron nPC100
5. Added support for Nematron ePC1900
6. Added support for Nematron ePC1700
7. Added support for Nematron ePC1500
8. Added support for Nematron ePC1200
9. Added support for BoxPC238D


1. Sound module for Advantech 1150G
2. Sound module for Advantech 2053GL
3. Sound module for Advantech 3202
4. Sound module for Arista BoxPC238D
5. Sound module for Nematron Models
6. Video2_intel4 Module – added to support Nematron hardware
7. Universal sound module architecture.

Service Pack 3 - 7/23/2010


1. Update release date only


1. Fixed problem with loading master license, that caused ThinServer to terminate on some systems.


1. 2008 Server RDP device license fix
2. Camera overlay start up fixes
3. Fix to identification of the second ethernet port on UNO-2173


1. Added support for AP-3300


1. Added AP-3300 sound module
2. Added pcProxUSB module to support keyboard wedge version of the pcProx USB HID scanner
3. Change to ICA client version 8 module. Removed specific of the UDP for browser protocol
4. Added support for new Elographics controller to the USBTouch module

Service Pack 2 - 5/5/2010


1. Fix Display Client icon on multimonitor configuration. Did not reflect presence of overrides.
2. Fix WinTMC options “Always maintain monitor connection” and “Show groups as separate windows”. Check box did not reflect group inheritance setting.
3. Fix Display client icon after re-ordering of Display Clients. Icon would disappear after re-ordering.
4. Fixed initial icons for Terminal Servers when ThinManager started. Icon did not reflect the lock or enable/disable state of the Terminal Server.
5. Added ability to re-arrange monitors in multi-monitor configurations.


1. Change way user SIDs are gathered and cached.
2. Fixed application of camera options. Camera options are only applied if selected.
3. Fix enable/disable of Terminal server on synchronized systems.
4. Fix to CRC generation routines. Some demo codes would not be recognized as valid.
5. Fix Synchronization problem with respect to encryption that causes synchronization to fail and re-sync.
6. Fixed SmartSession data collection. Prevented collection of load balancing data under some circumstances.


1. Support for Dual Monitor with one graphics adapter
2. Stop listening on Port 6000
3. 32bpp support for UNO-2173 and ARK-1382
4. Allow initial program of longer than 128 characters


1. Redundant Ethernet Module – Warning messages if backup adapter is disconnected


1. Fix default resolution for the Axis M1011 camera.
2. Added Advantech UNO-2173
3. Added Advantech ARK-1382

Service Pack 1 - 2/18/2010


1. Fix problem with Camera Option settings. Camera options could not be set in some cases.
2. Fix “Copy settings from another terminal” option in the Terminal Configuration Wizard. Only copy the model from the source configuration when the target configuration is not associated with a piece of hardware.
3. Fix support for some 4 monitor layouts.
4. Allow setting of the application group hotkey at appropriate times.
5. Made the “Browse” button available at appropriate times in the Report generation dialog


1. Fix support for non-redundant licensing on synchronized systems.
2. Fix for duplicate license detection on synchronized systems.
3. Removed enforcement of the terminal to terminal shadow license.


1. Added 1600x900 video mode for WinTMC

ThinManager 3.3

Service Pack 2 - 1/13/2010

ThinManager / ThinServer

1. Fix problem with manual synchronization.
2. Fix problem with main menu hotkey and application group hotkey enable / disable
3. Make sure “Browse” button in Report Scheduling is only available at appropriate times.
4. Allow specification of non-existing files as the report target
5. Added display of multimonitor configuration in the details pane of the terminal.

Service Pack 1 - 7/7/2009

ThinManager / ThinServer

1. Removed install ids for motherboards whose manufacturer did not provide unique serial numbers.
2. Fix problem with initial program / command line options
3. Performance improvement to resetting terminal server sessions when TermSecure user logs off
4. Fix permission problem that prevented some commands from being sent to the terminal
5. Fixed problem with updating some Application Group icons
6. Added display of multimonitor configuration in the details pane of the terminal.


7. Savage video module now ignores EDID
8. Fixed touchscreen modules for use with multimonitor.
9. Fixed keyboard mapping for the backslash (‘\’) key on non-standard keyboards
10. Fixed memory leak in sliding windows

Terminal Capabilities Database

TermCap 9.0.x

TermCap 9.0.37 - 7/27/2020

1. Added Allen-Bradley 6300T-BA
2. Added OnLogic TM410
3. Updated Logic Supply manufacturer name to OnLogic

TermCap 9.0.34 - 1/31/2020

1. Updated Advantech TPC-1881WP to allow two displays
2. Updated 8086:22b0-22b3 graphics chipset to allow package 9

TermCap 9.0.33 - 9/25/2019

1. Added Advantech TPC-1251T, TPC-1551T, and TPC-1751T
2. Added AIS BVND0U-0000-A00C
3. Added Pepperl+Fuchs BTC12
4. Added serial port settings to Logic Supply TM110
5. Fixed serial touch screen settings for Advantech UNO-2362G and Arista 7824A-B01, 7824B-B01, and B01 Series
6. Fixed 256-bit color depth settings for AMD Geode graphics
7. Removed package 9 compatibility from AMD Geode based clients

TermCap 9.0.30 - 5/6/2019

1. Added serial port settings to Logic Supply TM250

TermCap 9.0.29 - 4/15/2019

1. Added Advantech TPC-1881WP
2. Added 1400x1050 video modes


Firmware Package 11.2.x

Firmware Package 11.2.0 - 5/29/2020

Component Build
Package 9.1 11.2.0-9.1
Package 9.0 11.2.0-9.0
Package 8.2 11.2.0-8.2
1. Added support for portrait monitor layout for supported hardware (Platform 9.1)
2. Added support for TLS in terminal monitor protocol encryption negotiation
3. Updated kernel configuration to support running as a Microsoft Hyper-V guest
4. Fixed TermMon ActiveX controls for virtual screens and camera overlays not working as expected
5. Fixed TMTerm DLL Configuration module not being included in package
6. Fixed issue with multiple USB touchscreens where after calibration the first touched screen does not work as expected
7. Fixed touchscreen driver installation for Atmel maxTouch

Firmware Package 11.1.x

Firmware Package 11.1.7 - 3/27/2020

Component Build
Package 9.0 11.1.7-9.0
Package 8.2 11.1.7-8.2
1. Added English (UK) language module
2. Added monitor detection breakout
3. Added blacklist option to USB touchscreen module
4. Added additional debug logging
5. Updated Nymi band module to include NBE application and server url configuration option
6. Fixed keyboard covering login prompt on certain aspect ratio displays
7. Fixed manual logon setting in RF Ideas USB module not being honored
8. Fixed configuration download failed for very large terminal configurations
9. Fixed login dialog not exiting immediately on card scan
10. Fixed cursor disappearing in certain environments in rdesktop
11. Fixed terminal not rebooting during a restart after changing configured language
12. Fixed smart card redirection in FreeRDP client
13. Fixed FreeRDP client not honoring NLA or Draw in Background settings from the RDP experience module
14. Fixed VersaView 6200T-KB freezing during a reboot

Firmware Package 11.1.4 - 1/31/2020

Component Build
Package 9.0 11.1.4-9.0
Package 8.2 11.1.4-8.2
1. Added brightness control for integrated panels that don't support DDC
2. Added support for Enable NLA and Draw in Background options for the FreeRDP client
3. Added debug logging for terminal configuration
4. Changed FreeRDP client to only enable RemoteFX when color depth is set to 16M colors
5. Fixed missing or corrupted text with Intel graphics in the RDP client
6. Fixed Turkish Q keyboard layout
7. Fixed crash when shadowing configuration with six or more screens
8. Fixed login prompt displaying twice after reaching the connection timeout for the FreeRDP client

Firmware Package 11.1.3 - 12/5/2019

Component Build
Package 9.0 11.1.3-9.0
Package 8.2 11.1.3-8.2
1. Added Turkish language support
2. Added support for Intel SST Audio devices
3. Added FreeRDP as advanced module
4. Fixed hardware acceleration for Intel graphics
5. Fixed potential system hang for Wyse 3040
6. Fixed issue that prevented Eikon fingerprint readers from functioning
7. Fixed NLA credential dialog not being shown in certain cases
8. Fixed Alt Gr not working
9. Fixed DisplayLink module not being included in firmware package
10. Fixed DDC monitor brightness control not being set by TermMon ActiveX Control

Firmware Package 11.1.1 - 9/25/2019

Component Build
Package 9.0 11.1.1-9.0
Package 8.2 11.1.1-8.2
1. Added support for ThinManager VNC servers
2. Added USB serial support for Mettler Toledo scales
3. Fixed camera label location when swapping virtual screens
4. Fixed camera label not initially being shown on startup
5. Fixed missing USB Touch Screen Driver configuration touch hold down setting
6. Fixed RFID badge login prompting for password when user and module had conflicting settings (prefer user setting)
7. Fixed USB Touch Screen Driver unloading for certain Lenovo touch screens
8. Fixed selector menu not responding to touch when using a touch screen
9. Fixed long usernames being truncated when being redirected by broker
10. Fixed u.are.u DP5160 fingerprint reader not working under package 9.0
11. Fixed USB flash drives showing up multiple times when unplugged and replugged
12. Fixed package 9.0 not working for certain AMD gpu based clients
13. Fixed issue with Display Clients not starting on bootup


WinTMC 5.x

WinTMC 5.2.1 - 8/14/2020

Component Build
1. Fixed hotkeys not being applied when using MultiMonitor
2. Fixed RTSP over HTTP and RTSP over TCP camera protocols not connecting
3. Fixed using the Microsoft credential prompt locking up the user interface
4. Fixed user configuration being retained through a reboot
5. Fixed application crash when scanning for QR code resolvers

WinTMC 5.2.0 - 5/29/2020

Component Build
1. Added support for portrait monitor layout
2. Added TLS to security type negotiation for terminal shadow and VNC connections
3. Fixed not being able to manage or delete ThinManager servers from server list
4. Fixed shadow port setting not being honored

WinTMC 5.1.0 - 1/17/2020

Component Build
1. Added support for FTA license checkout (FactoryTalk View SE)
2. Fixed camera overlays sometimes not being created when connecting to ThinManager 11.0 and later
3. Fixed minor memory leak during terminal restart when using camera overlays

WinTMC 5.0.1 - 11/11/2019

Component Build
1. Updated to allow the use of more than 2GB of memory for large configurations

WinTMC 5.0.0 - 10/11/2019

Component Build
1. Added installation option to only install thin client service to act as ThinManager VNC server
2. Added support for ThinManager VNC servers
3. Added ctrl+alt+end as blocked hotkey when ctrl+alt+del is being blocked
4. Added new logging framework
5. Improved VNC server and integrated into the thin client service
6. Improved flow of main menu with no default Display Clients
7. Fixed Relevance User login for AD linked users when the user's display name didn't match username
8. Fixed resolver IDs being sent incorrectly
9. Fixed keyboard hotkeys and mouse mapping not being applied

WinTMC 4.x

WinTMC 4.1.1 - 6/20/2019

Component Build
1. Fixed hidden Display Clients being shown on startup
2. Fixed MultiMonitor configurations starting off-screen after previous fullscreen configuration
3. Fixed Display Client display name in RDS login prompt title

WinTMC 4.1.0 - 5/17/2019

Component Build
1. Added support for Display Client display names
2. Added support for Unicode characters to support ThinManager internationalization
3. Added support for Codabar barcode format
4. Added support for barcode configuration module settings for prepend/append to scans
5. Improved terminal status messaging
6. Improved event messaging to ThinManager
7. Improved handling of fatal RDP ActiveX errors
8. Fixed incorrect session scaling when only one dimension is larger
9. Fixed not being able to close after deleting last ThinManager server
10. Fixed terminal shadow port not being honored
11. Fixed terminal shadow of a single screen
12. Fixed user-based and location-based tile settings

WinTMC 4.0.0 - 12/18/2017

Component Build
1. Added Virtual Screens
2. Added Tiling
3. Added IP Camera streaming, MJPG and RTSP streams
4. Added local USB Cameras and broadcasting
5. Added mouse button mapping
6. Added session scaling1
7. Added Relevance User authorization caching
8. Added Relevance User PIN pad login
9. Added Relevance User Single Sign On with FactoryTalk
10. Added Relevance User option to change password from client
11. Added MultiSession Screensaver module
12. Added Individual Key Block module
13. Added preliminary support for Key Block module
14. Updated barcode scanning to work with all versions of Windows
15. Updated TermMon ActiveX support
16. Updated Display Clients as individual window support
17. Updated installer to not require any additional prerequisites on Windows Server2
18. Fixed Wifi relevance resolvers reporting incorrect BSSID with a leading 0.
19. Fixed Display Clients sometimes starting at bootup when configured to not
20. Fixed Relevance User login for certain AD linked users
21. Fixed incorrect report of VNC Display Client status

Note: Starting with this version, Windows XP is no longer supported.
1 Due to limitations of the RDP ActiveX, scaling RDP display clients larger will force maintain aspect ratio.
2 For Windows Server operating systems, the Wireless LAN Service feature must be enabled to use Wifi Relevance Resolvers.

WinTMC 3.x

WinTMC 3.1.2 - 11/4/2016

1. Fixed issue with installer that could cause the service to be unregistered after being run by a non-administrator user.

WinTMC 3.1.1 - 6/8/2016

Component Build
1. Updated the add ThinManager server dialog to verify connection and check for certain invalid entries before completing.
2. Fixed issue where certain configurations could cause an 'invalid argument' error or application crash.
3. Fixed issue where shadow display clients with multiple terminals wouldn't prompt to reselect after ending session.
4. Fixed End Shadow option not being immediately available for shadow display clients.

WinTMC 3.1.0 - 5/6/2016

Component Build
1. Added RD Gateway support.
2. Fixed issue with interactive shadow of a terminal running firmware package 5.

WinTMC 3.0.1 - 3/21/2016

Component Build
1. Added support for Relevance. (Resolvers under Windows 10 and newer)
2. Added support for VNC Display Clients (ThinManager 9.0 and newer)
3. Added support for rotating password via Active Directory integration.
4. Added barcode scanning data into session via device camera. (Windows 8 and newer)
5. Added On-Screen Keyboard button to selector window. (Single monitor Windows 8 and newer)
6. Added location and user login and logout sounds.
7. Added support for defining multiple ThinManager systems in the configuration menu.
8. Added support for requiring authentication to change local application settings.
9. Changed to MSI installer to allow for unattended installations.
10. Fixed issue with selector window buttons not showing properly when starting in fullscreen.
11. Fixed issue with selector drop down not being resized properly when switching between windowed and fullscreen.

WinTMC 2.x

WinTMC - 9/9/2015

Component Build
1. Fixed issue with terminal to terminal shadow display clients not connecting.

WinTMC - 8/7/2015

Component Build
1. Added support for Network Level Authentication.
2. Added reporting of configuration version number to ThinManager to update terminal restart required icon.
3. Changed selector to support high DPI displays.
4. Fixed issue with reporting of Display Client status to ThinManager.
5. Fixed issue with starting in fullscreen mode sometimes not displaying selector buttons.

WinTMC - 6/26/2015

Component Build
1. Changed firmware version and boot loader version reported to ThinManager.
2. Changed error related to Windows RDS licensing to be more accurate.
3. Fixed potential crash when no configuration is set.

Note: Starting with this version, ThinManager 6.0 and 7.0 must be set to use Firmware Package 5 for WinTMC.

WinTMC - 6/9/2015

Component Build
1. Changed firmware version and boot loader version reported to ThinManager.
2. Fixed quote trimming of initial application to reflect terminal behavior.
3. Fixed crash related to protocol version negotiation with ThinManager 8.0 initial release.

WinTMC - 9/3/2014

Component Build
1. Added hide Microsoft RDP connection bar.
2. Fixed blank error message related to disconnecting a session.

WinTMC - 3/25/2013

Component Build
1. Added support for RDP Port Module.
2. Fixed Enforce Primary and associated warning messages.]
3. Fixed application hang related to Windows 7 update.
4. Fixed application error related to hotkeys.


aTMC 1.x

aTMC 1.2.4 - 12/4/2019

1. Fixed an issue with Display Client session not showing after a successful connection.
2. Fixed crash when shadowing terminal from ThinManager before a session is created.

aTMC 1.2.3 - 11/11/2019

1. Changed target version to Android 10.
2. Fixed issue with location access not being granted when retrieving router BSSID.
3. Fixed Activate Display Client on login not always working.
4. Fixed ANR on Android 10 devices.

aTMC 1.2.1 - 8/23/2019

1. Added support for 64-bit only devices.

aTMC 1.2.0 - 7/31/2019

1. Added full Display Client camera support.
2. Added support for append, prepend, and decode options in Barcode Module.
3. Fixed shadowing a single screen on a multi-monitor terminal.

aTMC 1.1.7 - 5/16/2019

1. Added support for setting monitor brightness.
2. Fixed crash when terminal responded with an empty environment variable.
3. Fixed crash occurring on Android 9.0 Pie.
4. Fixed Activating Display Client on login when not using DisplayName.

aTMC 1.1.6 - 3/5/2019

1. Added support for log event messages.
2. Added support for FTA licenses.
3. Added support for full-screen camera Display Clients.
4. Changed Android target version to 8.0 Oreo.
5. Added support for requesting required permission access on Android.

aTMC 1.1.5 - 7/30/2018

1. Changed BSSID to all uppercase.
2. Added support for Display Name.
3. Added support for screen rotation.
4. Fixed an issue where cancelling a terminal selection didn't cause a disconnect from ThinServer.

aTMC 1.1.4 - 4/30/2018

1. Added support for physical keyboards.
2. Added support for pin prompt size and orientation.
3. Added support for Press Release Interval setting in TouchTablet Module.
4. Added support for custom variables.
5. Added support for Barcode Module.
6. Fixed crash when using touch pointer.
7. Fixed pinch zoom not centering between fingers.
8. Fixed issue when closing software keyboard while in full-screen.

aTMC 1.1.3 - 8/29/2017

1. Added credential verification when changing a non-AD users TermSecure password.
2. Added support for Pin Prompt when logging in a TemrSecure user.
3. Added support for Activate Display Client at Login.
4. Fixed crash when passing input to a disconnected RPD session.

aTMC 1.1.2 - 7/31/2017

1. Added support for AltBeacon.
2. Added extended keyboard.
3. Added support for TouchTablet Module.
4. Improved multi-touch gestures.

aTMC 1.1.0 - 3/1/2017

1. Added support for allowing terminal to sleep.
2. Added Pause/Resume during Bluetooth beacon scanning.
3. Changed minimum Android version to 5.0 Lollipop.

aTMC 1.0.6 - 9/7/2016

1. Added multi-touch gestures.
2. Added support for RDP Port Module.
3. Added support for VNC Shadowing.
4. Added support for retrieving desktop name.
5. Fixed issue with terminal staying disabled.


TermMon ActiveX 7.x

TermMon 7.10.1 - 12/16/2019

1. Updated certificate check for FTA license checkout

TermMon 7.10.0 - 7/16/2019

1. Added heartbeat timeout and threshold settings
2. Added logging of message handler exceptions

TermMon 7.9.2 - 4/17/2019

1. Added SetDisplayBrightness method (DDC)

TermMon 7.9.0 - 4/10/2019

1. Added support for "Enable User Change Events" setting from TermMon module

TermMon 7.8.0 - 12/21/2018

1. Added IntouchLogin method
2. Added logging
3. Added support for connections from ThinManager 10.0 and newer
4. Improved OnTermSecureUserChange being fired when RDP session is disconnected or reconnected

TermMon 7.7.1 - 9/13/2018

1. Fixed user account format when domain field is empty

TermMon 7.7.0 - 8/14/2018

1. Added RequestLicense method for FTA licenses (FactoryTalk View SE)

TermMon 7.6.2 - 7/25/2018

1. Changed account passed to FTView and iFix to SAM account

TermMon 7.6.1 - 1/16/2018

1. Fixed resource issue when multiple instances of the control were used in the same process