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ThinManager has the ability to run reports to show and collect data on the ThinManager system. These reports can show the event log, configurations, uptimes, and other data.
A Reports tab on the Details pane will show a report for a highlighted ThinManager Server, terminal, terminal group, terminal server, TermSecure user, or TermSecure user group.
Reports can be scheduled to be run and saved as *.html files for storage or further analysis.

Selecting Reports

ThinManager reports are displayed on a Report tab in ThinManager. Select View > Reports from the ThinManager menu to launch the Select Reports window to select which report will be displayed on the Report tab.

Select Reports Window
Select Reports Window

The Select Reports window has four fields that determine which report is displayed on the report tabdepending on what tree member is highlighted.
Use the drop-down list to select the report you want displayed for each category.

Report Tab

The reports selected in the Select Reports window will be displayed on the Report tab.

Report Tab
Report Tab

Highlight the desired ThinManager Server, terminal, terminal group, terminal server, TermSecure user, or TermSecure group, then select the Report tab to display the report.

Print Report

Selecting the Report tab then selecting View > Print from the ThinManager menu will print a report.
A Print window will be displayed to allow the selection of the printer. Highlight the desired printer and select the Print button to print the report.

Scheduling Reports

Reports can be scheduled to be run once at a specified time or to be run regularly at a specific time. The reports are saved as *.html files for storage or further analysis.
Reports are scheduled using the System Scheduler in the ThinManager Server Configuration Wizard.
Open the ThinManager Server Configuration Wizard by highlighting the ThinManager Server and selecting File > Modify.
Navigate to the System Schedule page
Select the Edit Schedule button to launch the Event Schedule window.

Event Schedule Window
Event Schedule Window

Select the Add button on the Event Schedule window to open the Schedule window.

Schedule Window
Schedule Window

The Schedule window allows system events to be configured.
Select Run Report from the Event Type drop-down.
Choose the report type from the Report Template File drop-down. This defines which report to run.
The Report Output File applies the naming convention to the saved reports.

  • Auto Generate Filename – This checkbox, if selected, will save the file to the ThinManager folder with the report name and a time stamp as its title.
  • If the Auto Generate Filename is unselected, the field allows entry of the desired filename. The filename needs to end in .html.

There are a few switches that allow the file name to be modified with a timestamp for identificationpurposes. If you do not use a timestamp, the file will be overwritten each time the report is run.

    • %c – Adds date and time
    • %h – adds hour (0-24)
    • %M – adds minute (0-59)
    • %x – adds date
    • %X – adds time

The Repeat Interval radio buttons allow the frequency of the report generation to be set. It can run once or at a defined interval.
The Weekly Schedule allows the report to be run ion a regular basis.
The Time fields change to match the Report Interval selected by the radio button. The Time field may allow dates, days, hours, or intervals to be set for the report.
Once the report is configured, select OK to accept the report schedule.

Viewing Reports

Report Shown in Internet Explorer
Report Shown in Internet Explorer

When a report is run the files are saved for viewing.
The report can be opened in a web browser.
The report data can be saved or reformatted as desired using standard HTML tools.

Report Template Installation

The ThinManager installation will install a number of reports into the ThinManager folder during installation.
Additional report templates can be downloaded from as they become available.
New reports are installed by selecting Install > Reports from the ThinManager menu. This launches the Reports window.

Reports Window
Reports Window

Each report has two components, a SQL query and the template to display the results. The SQL query is contained in a *.sql file. The template is contained in a *.html file.
To install the report components:

  • Select the SQL Files radio button, browse to the new *.sql file and select Open to install.
  • Select the Report Templates radio button, browse to the new *.html file, and select Open to install.

Once these two components are added the report will be available in the Select Reports window and the Schedule window.