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TermMon ActiveX Control

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Microsoft Terminal Services lacks the ability to monitor clients and provide much useful information. ACP has written an ActiveX component to overcome this shortcoming. The TermMon (Terminal Monitoring) ActiveX can be embedded into an application that will run on the terminal server. When a terminal starts a session on the terminal server and launches the application with the TermMon ActiveX, the ActiveX will create a socket connection to the terminal and is able to pull data from the terminal into the application for display. You can create tags for the data and populate them with data from the client via the ActiveX


The TermMon ActiveX control must be registered before it can be used. Copy the file termmon.ocx from the ThinManager CD to the computer where you want to use it. Register the OCX by executing:

regsvr32 path\termmon.ocx

TermMon ActiveX Configuration Module

If running the Control in the terminal’s terminal services session, no special configuration of the terminal in ThinManager is required. The TermMon ActiveX Control Configuration Module is not required. If the Control is not run in the terminal’s terminal services session, the TermMon ActiveX Control Configuration Module must be added to the terminal configuration in ThinManager. In the module configuration, Allow ActiveX Connections must be set to YES and Only Allow Connections from Session must be set to NO.

The TermMon ActiveX Control Configuration Module can be used to prevent a connection from an application running in the terminal’s terminal services session. This is accomplished by adding the TermMon ActiveX Control Configuration Module to the terminal in ThinManager and setting the Allow ActiveX Connections option to NO.