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V-Flex Licenses with ThinManager Activation

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V-Flex Licenses with ThinManager Activation

For instructions with pictures see the V-Flex Licenses with ThinManager Activation PDF

With V-FLEX licensing, ThinManager users now have the ability to purchase specific quantities of ThinManager terminal connection licenses - not just in multiples of 5. In addition, these quantities can be broken up by the customer as needed. The V-Flex Licenses are available as Redundant or Single Server. The Mirrored Redundancy has been retired. V-FLEX licensing is available with FactoryTalk Activation (FTA) or traditional ThinManager product licensing (TMA). This article will cover how to manage and apply V-FLEX licensing with ThinManager Activation (TMA). While the process is fundamentally the same, the steps and software tools involved are quite different.

V-FLEX licensing with traditional ThinManager Product Licensing (TMA) is ordered through your distributor. Whether you order Redundancy or not, you will receive a single ThinManager License Number. If you are deploying Redundancy, you will apply the single license to your Primary ThinManager Server. Once you enable Automatic Synchronization, the Redundancy license will automatically be shared with the Secondary ThinManager Server. Upon completing an order through your distributor, you will receive an email that will include your TMA license certificate and License Number.

  1. Open a web browser and browse to
  2. Log in to the ThinManager Licensing site. Register if you don’t have an account.
  3. Create your Master License
  4. Once created the Master License will display a link to Add Product License. Select this link to open the Add Product License window.
  5. Add the V-Flex product license to the Add Product License window.
  6. The Add Product License window will show a License Count field. Enter the number of V-Flex licenses you want applied to this Master License in this field. Select the Submit button.
  7. You should see your V-Flex licenses in the Product License section of the Master License page.
  8. Activate the Master License with the Installation IDs found on the Licensing window that is opened with Install>License.