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Database Password

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ThinManager 11.2 has a major encryption change, with AES, the Advanced Encryption Standard, being used to encrypt the ThinManager database instead of the previous encryption key. This has led to a few important changes.


When ThinManager 11.2 is first run, a dialog box will appear asking for a new database password.

TM11.2 DatabasePassword01.png

The password entered into the Password field for the Database Password is used for the encryption key when the database is configured. There are no requirements for length or complexity. The password field may be left blank.

Note: This password is unrecoverable if lost.

Manual Backup

When a user manually backs up the configuration using Manage>Backup, the user will be prompted to create a password for the backup.

TM11.2 DatabasePassword02.png

This password is for the copy of the database as a backup only, not the running database. This allows a user to backup the configuration with a short password to send to support without sending the main database password. There are no requirements for length or complexity of the backup password.

You may use a blank password for the backup password.

Note: This password is unrecoverable if lost.

Manual Restore

If an encrypted backup is restored with Manage>Restore, the Database Password dialog will launch and prompt for the password for the backup.

TM11.2 DatabasePassword01.png

This is asking for the password applied to the backup database, not the original database password.

Automatic Backup

ThinManager can be configured to automatically backup the configuration. These automatic backups will use the original password that was originally set when ThinManager 11.2 was set up.

The backups will now be saved in C:\ProgramData\Rockwell Software\ThinManager instead of C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockwell Software\ThinManager.