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License Activation

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For instructions with pictures see Licensing.pdf

After you receive your Product Code from your Authorized Vendor, licensing is generally completed in 4 steps.
If you are upgrading from ThinManager 3.3 or below, see our article on Upgrading from ThinManager 3.x and below The ThinManager license website is found at https://licensing.thinmanager.com

Creating a Master License

The purpose of a Master License is to hold each individual product license so that only one license needs to be activated and managed instead of multiple independent product licenses. Master Licenses are free to create, although only one is needed per ThinManager server or synchronized pair of ThinManager servers.
To create a Master License:

  1. Create an account within the ThinManager Licensing Website
  2. Your password will be emailed to you at the address specified during sign up, use this to login and change your password if desired.
  3. Click the Create Master License link on the right of the page and fill out all requested fields.

Considerations for Integrators

When creating an account for a customer, put their contact information in. After the project has been implemented, please call ACP at +1-877-239-4282 to have ownership of the Master License changed to someone at the customer's site. The user who will take ownership of the license must have created an account on the licensing website. The new user will not have to create a new Master License.

Populating the Product Licenses into the Master License

After the Master License is created, individual product licenses will need to be added into the Master License.

  1. Select your Master License Number
  2. Click [Add Product License]
  3. Enter your Product Licenses exactly as shown either in the CD case or as provided by the vendor.

Activating the Master License

Activation of a license requires the Installation ID from the primary ThinManager server and, if applicable, the Installation ID from the secondary ThinManager server. These IDs are unique and generated from the hardware on the ThinManager Server(s). Licensing does not have to be done from the ThinManager Server, but the IDs must come from the server.
Installation IDs are found within ThinManager by going to: Install > Licenses. They will be at the bottom of the window.
To activate the License:

  1. Click the [Activate License] or [Reactivate License] link.
  2. Populate all required fields and click Submit.
  3. Download and install the license via Install > Licenses.

Note: The ThinManager Licensing system may utilize the MAC address as the basis for the Installation ID. If the MAC address changes, then the Installation ID changes, which would in turn require re-activation of the license. As an alternative, the Show All button can be clicked on the ThinManager Licensing window to display the MAC address-based Installation ID as well as an OS-based Installation ID. Either can be used when activating the Master License. We recommend the end user to select the one that is less likely to change.

Without Internet Access

If you do not have Internet access on the ThinManager Server is installed on, you can activate the license on a computer that has does have Internet access and then transfer the license file to the ThinManager Server.
You will need to write down the installation IDs from the ThinManager Server in order to have your license file generated. Once the license is generated from the Licensing Site, you may transfer it via whatever means is most convenient (USB drive, Network, etc).

Installing the Master License

After the Master License has been activated, you will be prompted with a download link to a TMLicense(master license number).lic file.

  1. Download this file and transfer it to the ThinManager Server.
  2. Install the License by going to Install > Licenses, then clicking the "Install License" button.
  3. Select the .lic file and press Open.

Post Licensing Best Practices

It is STRONGLY recommended that a backup of both the license and ThinManager Configuration be made and placed along with all of your other backups. This will prevent having to re-license the software (assuming that no hardware changes have been made) and setting up your Terminals again. To make a backup of the ThinManager Configuration, go to: Manage > Backup Configuration.

For instructions with pictures see Licensing.pdf